Activities to change the routine at Easter

This Easter will be celebrated in a different way, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here we bring you some ideas to enjoy as a family.

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We tell you what similar activities you can do with your family at Easter. / Photo: Pxhere

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Many countries in Latin America are in social isolation due to the coronavirus. This is what happens in Argentina, for example, where there was a strict regime to avoid leaving houses and accumulating people on the streets. According to what Página 12 mentions, people who are not authorized to go out will be "punished".

Knowing this, many Catholics think about the ways to celebrate Easter 2020, which will take place between Sunday, April 5 and Saturday 11. Well, they will be happy to know that there are lots of activities to do at home, which will help to break the routine with the accompaniment of our loved ones.

What are some activities for Easter?

As we will spend a lot of time in our homes, we will be able to strengthen our bonds in a very special Christian time. Therefore, it will be convenient to avoid technological products and services as much as possible, so that the “real”  face-to-face relationship can increase.


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This does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the Internet to generate ideas. For example, a good way to integrate your children with the tasks of Easter can be through the kitchen. They will surely be happy to make typical sweets, such as French toast or chocolate eggs.

At the same time, you can generate decorations with motifs for this party. In other words, you will be teaching them to cook, you will save money on the purchase of chocolate and you will be improving their creativity. You could also organize some kind of contest for the "most original idea" in decorating eggs.

Following the logic of creativity, you can also make different Easter crafts. The Euroresidents website gives us some brilliant ideas for your children to take advantage of this period by coloring, cutting and pasting papers. For example, they can make colorful cardboard eggs, cotton bunnies, or crosses with ice cream sticks.

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Another point you may be concerned about is the time they will need to spend together, especially if quarantine is mandatory. Although they will not be able to go out, that does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the situation to prepare a party. Yes, we are talking about a costume party, where everyone can dress up in allusion to Easter.

Children will also want to have fun during those days, so you can integrate different recreational family activities that are related to the Faith. The page of the Catholic Information Agency has some online games, such as Catholic trivia of different topics or even some board games you'll find on Pinterest.

Be that as it may, the idea is that you “run away” from the screens for a moment, so that you can use those ideas in a board game. For example, the questions and answers could be copied from those on the internet, but written in small papers. The idea is that you have a good time with the family, strengthening ties in a very special time.

While all these games happen, you can also use the music to your advantage. Therefore, you could encourage them to perform different karaokes of the most popular ecclesiastical songs, where everyone is encouraged to sing the classic melodies of the mass. You can also encourage them to read about the Holiday so that they appreciate it more.