8 religious movies you should see in Easter

This time of confinement would be the ideal opportunity to enjoy those feature films that fill you with hope.

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In quarantine and Easter, enjoy these movies. / Photo: youtube.com/netflix

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In this difficult time of quarantine and when Easter is approaching, thousands of people will have to remain in their homes to wait for that moment of relief in which the health authorities announce that it is possible to return to normalcy. That is why many have set aside a leisure space, in which they also find it attractive to watch movies.

The Official College of Psychology of Madrid has shared in recent days several suggestions to face the situation of the global pandemic in different contexts and environments, and details aspects that are important such as taking advantage of time and spaces in which we could occupy our minds.

Many often complain about not having time even to watch a movie, so this confinement would be the ideal opportunity to enjoy those feature films that are never too old to revisit. 

For lovers of religious cinema and who are passionate about remembering the history of Christ to expand their faith, then, the following films are a must-see.


1-Paul, apostle of Christ (2018)

From the same director of Llena de Gracia (Andrew Hyatt), this film tells the story of Paul, who was once known as Saul Tarsus, a brutal persecutor of Christians, who after converting to the gospel, became the most influential apostle of Jesus Christ. This film shows us a theological approach, of faith and suspense.



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2-The resurrection of Christ (2016)

It tells a story about a powerful Roman military tribune, and his assistant Lucius. Two characters entrusted with the task of solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following his crucifixion, and thus succeed in denying rumors of the risen Messiah and preventing an uprising in Jerusalem. Chicago Sun-Times praises the film in its presentation of the story. CinemaScore, which polls movie audiences, rates it with an A average. It is a light story presented in a fresh and different way.

3-The two popes (2019)

This fascinating story reveals what is happening behind the walls of the Vatican. The conservative Pope Benedict XVI and the liberal future Pope Francis must find common ground to forge a new path for the Catholic Church.



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4-Miracles from Heaven (2016)

It's about Anna, a mother who finds out that her 10-year-old daughter has a very strange disease and that there is no cure. She begins to search for a solution to cure her, but after a terrible accident, an extraordinary miracle occurs that leaves the medical specialists surprised, her family restored and the entire community inspired. Based on the true story of the Beam family, with the performances of Jennifer Garner (Juno) and Eugenio Derbez (No returns accepted), it won the award for best drama film at the Teen Choice Awards 2016.


5-An interview with God (2018)

It is the story of a promising journalist who has mishaps in his life until someone offers him an interview that he cannot resist: an interview with someone who claims to be God.

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6-Do You Beleive?

Starring Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) and Sean Astin (Sam, The Lord of the Rings) , it tells the story of a shepherd, touched by the visible faith of an old street preacher. He remembers that true belief requires action. His response begins a journey of faith that touches many in ways that only God could orchestrate: a dozen people in different directions, all looking for "something else."


7-Heaven is for real  (2014)

It reflects on screen how a volunteer firefighter, pastor, and father, tries to survive economically in a difficult year. After his son Colton undergoes emergency surgery, his parents are excited by the miracle of his recovery. But Colton begins to tell them about his amazing journey back and forth to Heaven. It was nominated for the People's Choice Awards for Favorite Dramatic Film, and for the Teen Choice Awards for Best Drama Film; in Metacritic it obtained a score of 47/100 indicating an acceptance of the public as an average. It is a story that you should not miss, emotional and that makes you think that ... Heaven does exist.


8-Unbreakable (2019)

A story centered on a 14-year-old teenager who is drowning in a lake, and her faithful mother prays that he will return from the brink of death and be healed. Based on a true story. This movie demonstrates the power of a mother's faith and love.



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Probably, the time that you are going to be at home is quite long, so, do not lose heart and liven up your days with a good cup of chocolate and movies in the company of those you love.




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