5 clubs that cut their players’ budget

These clubs have tightened their belts due to COVID19.

FC Barcelona players.

With the health crisis, several clubs have decided to cut their players’ wages. / Photo: Miguel Ruiz – FC Barcelona

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Europe is still under threat of coronavirus, so all non-essential businesses have had to tighten their belts. This is reflected in the world of soccer, particularly among clubs, which have had to cut the millionaire salaries of some of their players. Here are 5 of them.


The Blaugrana team, in an unprecedented act, decided to reduce the salary of their players from all their professional sports while the state of emergency in Spain lasts. In a statement the team clarified that: “In the case of the first soccer team, the reduction will be greater than 70% initially raised by the Club. This additional contribution of the staff, plus the contribution that the Club will make, will guarantee 100% of the salaries of all non-sports personnel ”.



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2. Borussia Dortmund

Like Bayern Munich, this German team decided to temporarily cut the salaries of its managers and players. These were among the first high-level soccer clubs to make this decision. Although Munich players will contribute 20% of their salaries, it is not yet known what part Dortmund will give.



3. Tottenham

Although in itself this club has not announced that it will cut the salary of its players, they took a different route to preserve themselves by reducing by 20% the salary of all non-playing personnel, that is, coaches and workers. This has been an opposite strategy to that of its rival, Arsenal, which decided to promise to guarantee the salary to all its personnel until the end of April.



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4. Juventus

Italy has been, after China, the country most devastated by the coronavirus. For this reason, it is not surprising that Juventus is one of the clubs that is cutting its budget. In a statement on March 28, the club clarified that it has reached an agreement with the players and the coach. "The agreement provides for the reduction of compensation by an amount equal to the monthly payments of March, April, May and June 2020," is explained in the statement.

According to the club, the economic effects of this agreement reached 90 million euros.



5. Atlético de Madrid

Finally, we find Atlético Madrid, which is in the midst of negotiations with 500 of its employees between players, technical staff and staff, who have not yet reached a decision. This is, according to MARCA, that each team member must individually review the terms, which delays the process. If the season is not played, the salary of Atlético members could be cut by up to 18%.


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