American Football: Is the XFL in danger?

Employees of this football league announced on April 10 that they were fired, leaving an uncertain future for the XFL

American football players in playing position.

The XFL has been one of the leagues that has been most affected by the situation of COVID-19. / Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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The XFL came in 2020 to fill the gap in American football, when the NFL ended its post-Super Bowl season. Supported by WWE magnate Vince McMahon, and trying to revive what was done in 2001, the XFL began its season in February with eight teams, which in turn have 40 players, each team counting with the presence of former NFL players and coaches.

Unlike the NFL, there are only two divisions: east and west. In one season, ten games are played and the best two of each division face each other to carry out the final, which would have been scheduled for April 26.

However, and when five games had been played (half the season), it was known that because of  COVID-19, the season had been suspended but that they promised to return by 2021. Still, it was revealed that all of their employees were fired during an internal conference call, according to AP.

On the other hand, and according to information from the Libero media, it was announced that the players were free to sign with the NFL on March 23, because on that date it came to light that XFL star PJ Walker signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers. Walker had an excellent start to the season, having led his team, Houston Roughnecks, to the lead. Likewise, the staff and team members were given the freedom to be free agents and would have the autonomy to seek new opportunities.

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Although they announced that they would return next year, given the massive layoffs and economic uncertainty, it should be remembered that running the teams represents a high cost of operation, so it is likely that this project will not be carried out again and that it will become one of the first to be seriously affected by COVID-19.

So far, there is no official pronunciation from the league, and only a video of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal appears in his Twitter, in which he says some parting words.