HBO GO released content to watch in quarantine

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Here we recommend what to watch on HBO GO, now that it is available for free.

Frames from the series 'Avenue 5' and 'Euphoria'.

The HBO platform decided to release content so that in quarantine everyone stays at home. / Photos: youtube.com/HBO Go

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All companies in the entertainment and leisure industry have benefited from this situation in which we must all remain confined, so we are looking for activities to do outside of work. However, in addition to the benefit, companies have also looked for ways to help all of us stay at home without despair in trying.

As part of this, HBO GO has decided to gradually release some of its content so that we can see it for free from the app. Initially, the decision was made only for North America but has now been extended to anyone who can download and view the app. Here is the content that has been released:

Avenue 5

In this series, which premiered in January this year, the captain of a spaceship tries to deal personally with his crew and with people aboard the ship. This is an original HBO science fiction comedy by the same creator of Veep.


This original HBO drama was very successful last year and was one of the hottest teen series. It is a drama of upset young people and their problems with drugs and partying. Follow a group of high school students who must deal with the teenage dramas of adolescence, mental illness, addictions, and social media.

His Dark Materials

This is a series that mixes fantasy with science fiction and that can also be interesting for young and old. A girl from another world tries to find her best friend, and in her search she discovers and reveals a mysterious sinister plan that involves the disappearance of children.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy act in this series. A must for fans of fantasy and saga youth literature, as it is based on the bestselling namesake.

The Outsider

This time it's a crime drama like the ones HBO likes. In the midst of the investigation into the murder of a child in an American town, the investigation team will find supernatural phenomena that will confront them with their own beliefs and will shake their main suspicions and their conception of the world as they knew it.


Internationally acclaimed earlier this year, the HBO version of Watchmen reimagines the story of the graphic novel. In this version, superheroes will be treated as villains, so there will be a mix between what we have already seen of this group of superheroes and novel versions that HBO writers invent.


This is the only Latin American production on this list that summarizes the content released by HBO GO. This is a Chilean series in which four men are betrayed by the corrupt system after a failed drug trafficking operation. They will then have to live as fugitives from justice and persecuted by both sides while searching for the truth.