7 movies that are free on Youtube

You don't have to pay for Netflix to watch movies, you can also enjoy classic films on YouTube.

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If there is an excellent way to take advantage of free time, it is watching movies, and even though they may be somewhat old, it never hurts to enjoy and remember those films that once shone as well as finding good movies that you did not know. The best thing is that it is not necessary to use paid services such as Netflix, instead, these 7 movies are available on YouTube completely for free.

Perfume: The story of a murderer

When it comes to classics that stood out at the time, this European film, released in 2006 with Ben Whishaw as the protagonist , cannot be left out . The plot of this film is that a very poor boy from the streets of France during the 18th century, despite living in a dirty environment, develops an incredible sense of smell while working in a perfumery. However, he wants to quench his desire to extract odors from things like metals and wealthy young women, even if he has to murder them. This film received various awards in Europe and lasts 147 minutes.

Watch: Perfume history of a murderer


My name is Nobody


When cowboy movies were booming and the old west was filmed in Italy, that's where “My Name is None” comes from, a 1973 film starring the legendary Terence Hill and Henry Fonda. The latter plays the role of a veteran gunman "Jack" who already wants to retire and seeks to leave the United States, but on the way he meets another gunman known as "None" who accompanies Jack across a problem-filled journey.

Watch: My Name is Nobody
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The crazies

If you are looking for a horror and suspense movie, this is a very good choice. Released in 2010, this US film is about an unknown toxin that contaminates the water of a town, causing a disease that turns the infected into violent killers without any awareness. To survive, the county sheriff will gather healthy survivors, but they will also have to face government forces that only seek to eliminate the disease at all costs.

Watch: The crazies


White chicks

Because a good comedy film is never superfluous, especially when it comes to the classic "White Chicks". This is a 2004 film in which two "silly" brothers of the FBI seek to go deep into a network of crimes, in a peculiar way: impersonating two millionaire sisters. This will not be easy because of their null experience of being women and all the obstacles they will have to face while hiding their true appearance.

Watch: White Chicks

Supersize me

This is a 2004 documentary that gave much to talk about and forced large fast-food chains like McDonald's to change the size of their menu. "Supersize me" was an experiment that filmmaker Morgan Spurlock performed on himself, eating his three meals of the day only at Mcdonalds for a month, ordering the largest combo when offered, and walking the same number of steps than an average American, Spurlock shows in the documentary all the damage that the McDonald's diet caused him, apart from being overweight. The documentary has a duration of 100 minutes.

Watch: Super size me


The last train 

This film, inspired by the Jewish genocide during the Nazi dictatorship, shows a different face of suffering, since in 1943, with the Nazis seeking to get rid of the last Jews in Berlin, decided to load a train of cattle with hundreds of Jews destined for the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Along the way, they will have to face inhumane conditions due to lack of food and water as well as high temperatures, while some seek to escape into an uncertain life. Released in 2008, this film has a duration of 123 minutes.

Watch: Last Train
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Million-dollar baby

#MisDVD. "La chica del millón de dólares" (2004), de Clint Eastwood. Uno de los mejores filmes de un actor-director en la cima de su carrera. Grandes interpretaciones. pic.twitter.com/aZR45fCHJi

— Anthony Ramon (@Carovius) July 15, 2019

Clint Eastwood does not disappoint when he directs a movie and this is no exception. Starring him and Hilary Swank, this film is about a woman who struggles to become a boxer. However, the coach she wants does not agree to train women and is afraid of title fights, this self- improvement film with a sad ending lasts 132 minutes and was released in 2004.

Watch: Million Dollar baby


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