The New Abnormal: analysis of the new album by The Strokes

The Strokes released their sixth studio album. We listened to it and decided to do a song-by-song analysis.

Cover of the album 'The New Abnormal' by The Strokes.

The band The Strokes released their new album on April 9. / Photos: instagram.com/thestrokes

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The New York band, considered by specialists as the "saviors of rock" released their new CD, titled The New Abnormal, as mentioned by the specialized media Indie Hoy. It was a long wait, since their last album had been launched in 2013.

Although many people still expect a sound much more similar to that of the first CD, known as Is This It, the reality is that the band advanced a lot in the exploration of other more complex musical dyes. Let's see, then, if they lived up to expectations, analyzing the 9 songs that compose it.


The Adults Are Talking

The initial track preserves the aura of the band, although adding an electric touch that had been appearing on other albums. The best part appears in the choirs, which invite us to move, although not in a crazy way.

This is a theme that perfectly shows the natural evolution of the group, but without losing that spark of catchy riffs, so it serves as an auspicious start. Also ... the ending with the voice of Julian Casablancas is wonderful.



One of the great surprises of this album. It is an atmosphere of sadness excellently achieved. In addition, here we are already beginning to perceive that it is a “thematic” album, with a sonorous atmosphere that is maintained throughout the songs since the theme begins with the immediately previous chord (including, keeping voices off).


Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus

The third cut of this album, which according to Filo News was released days before the album's release. Here we see an eighties-like theme, with a catchy synth start and excellent rhythm.

Thus, it could belong to the Angles album, since it is a harmonic work in relation to what was done previously, although achieving a more polished and perfected result.


Bad Decisions

The second single that appeared before the departure of The New Abnormal, as mentioned by the website of La Tercera, where we see a rhythm that we are used to, that does not bring too many new things.

This composition, while not bad, tries to emulate what happened on other tracks, such as 'Reptilia'. In other words, they are The Strokes doing things from The Strokes, being somewhat out of date with respect to the tone of the other songs.


Eternal Summer

One of the wonders of this album. With more than 6 minutes, we see Julian doing a similar job to the one he has in his parallel band The Voidz, although with a touch of The Stokes.

This song is special for his voice work, which impresses with the achieved falsettos, together with rhythmic variations and an atmosphere that maintains the essence of this new record work.


At the door

The first single from this album, according to the specialized website of Billboard. It is one of the band's most disruptive and eccentric themes. This led several fans to wonder about the direction the group was taking.

 An angelic choir, an animated video and the almost exclusive appearance of synthesizers give it a fantastic orchestral atmosphere. However, it fits in wonderfully with the entire aesthetic of The New Abnormal.

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Why Are Sunday's So Depressing

This song, although it is not the one that stands out the most, is the one that best manages to integrate the future and the past of The Strokes. That is, when we believed that a new sound already existed and they would forget what they were, they appear to remind us that they still have a rock side.

This it does by perfectly blending shifting style and close-up guitars, all paired with great texture and distortion work, all of which show how the group has evolved over time.


Not The Same Anymore

One of the underrated in this edition. It is a song that exudes pure nostalgia, without becoming excessively sad. Something like the 'Chances' of this album, although with a slightly darker touch.

The plucking and synthesizers keep up the pace, with Julian's voice starring in a sad story. We no longer have the absolute happiness of the first CD.


Ode To The Mets

Pure melancholy complemented by a fantastic organ. That is to say, it is a depressing wonder that begins in one way in its initial punctuations, but ends completely in another, as occurs throughout the entire album.

At this point, we can say that it is the best album since Is This It, with a very different tone to their early work. The previous works can be considered as a "trial" period to reach this magnificent result. Unfortunately, they were left with only 9 songs, but the future is very auspicious.




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