8 new series to make quarantine more bearable

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In this quarantine for Covid-19 take the opportunity to have fun watching these new series on streaming platforms.

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Different streaming platforms bring you new series for this quarantine. / Photo: Unsplash - Mollie Sivaram

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many prevention measures have been recommended, one of the main ones being to stay home, to prevent the contagion and to cooperate in stopping its spread. And if in this quarantine you want to do activities that amuse you, you should know that watching new series is a good option. That's why we made a list with some premieres that closes this April, which you can wartch through streaming platforms.

Currently, there are many series available in the catalogs of this type of platform, such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and others, but there is definitely nothing like watching something new, and luckily, some of the series managed to be completed before confinement began. So in this quarantine you can enjoy and get hooked on new series or seasons. According to Screenrush, these are some of the ones you should not miss.

1. Bosch

If you like to watch series related to murder investigation, there is no doubt that Bosch is one of the must see. From the 17 of April its sixth season is available, in which the protagonist (Harry Bosch) must find a way to solve much more difficult cases. If you haven't seen any of its seasons, you have plenty of chapters available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Vikings

In case you are passionate about watching historical drama series, Vikings is the ideal series to also watch on Amazon. This is based on the origin of Vikings and its expansion, and although this April 15 was the premiere of the sixth season, if you start watching it from the first season, the narrative will like you from the beginning.

3. Run

Another new series you cannot miss on this list is this romantic and comic thriller, presented on April 13 by HBO. It has the main participation of Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever, who star in a love story full of intrigue, in which a plot from a different series is shown.

4. Killing Eve

This April 13 was also the premiere of the third season of this series on HBO, in which the protagonists demonstrate once again that they return to the attack, after an event that was not expected. This series in which two women, one murderer and the other in the intelligence service agent, are obsessed with each other, and are involved in a "game" that will surely impress you.

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5. Insecure

Another series that you can watch on HBO is Insecure. This is already in its fourth season and its premiere, on April 13, once again caused a sensation in the lovers of this series. This shows situations in which its protagonists must deal again with uncomfortable moments due to their skin color, but their comical way of seeing and dealing with discrimination is what gives this series such a unique touch. There is no doubt that this is a series that you should not miss.

6. BlackAF

Among the new series, this Netflix original, available in its catalog since April 17, cannot be left out. It is a comedy in which the protagonists try to adjust to what their new life will be in another place, where they will have to fight against certain cultural differences.

7. Hasmukh

Since April 17, this series can be enjoyed on Netflix with a fictional plot in which a young man, aspiring comedian, must do something rampant to achieve fame in the world of humor. This young man ends up wrapped in a bloody and horrible situation.

8. The Dragon: the return of a warrior

You cannot miss this series, as it is one of the most anticipated among the new Netflix series. This April 17 its second season came out, and shows how Miguel Garza (Sebastián Rulli) continues to educate himself to take control the cartel that his grandfather commanded.

These are some of the new series that you should add to your list, to see them during the confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic. With these you can enjoy a lot of your time at home and you will not stop seeing them.