What is Kim Jong-un's health condition?

Here is part of the timeline surrounding the rumors about Kim Jong-un's state of health.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The health status of the North Korean leader has been a mystery for the past few days. / Photo: Reuters

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There are many rumors and speculations surrounding Kim Jong-un's, president of North Korea, state of health. Some scattered through different and various international media, these rumors have not been fully confirmed but are in the air of international politics. Here is a timeline that summarizes the latest events on the health of the North Korean president.

A medical procedure

Last week, CNN reported that Kim Jong-un had undergone a cardiovascular surgery and that he would have been in critical condition after such medical procedure: "CNN's Jim Sciutto reported Monday that the United States is monitoring intelligence information that suggests that the North Korean leader is in grave danger after undergoing previous surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge of the matter," the newspaper said. Thus, the United States would be informed and reporting on the critical state of health that Kim Jong-un has been in since last week.

However, last Tuesday, US President, Donald Trump, claimed he did not know exactly how Kim Jong-un's health was. In any case, he wished him good luck and appealed to the supposed diplomatic friendship that, according to the President of the United States, has grown between them from the three times they have met in recent years. This is subtly inconsistent with what another source familiar with American intelligence told CNN about the United States' monitoring of Kim Jong-un's health reports.

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Could he even have passed away already?

This mismatch of versions around the health of the North Korean leader has sparked a wave of rumors and speculation about whether he is dead or in a vegetative state after his procedure.

The TMZ outlet was, perhaps, among the first to dare to declare that Kim Jong-un could have died after open-heart surgery or, if he had not already died, he could be in a vegetative state due to complications in the procedure. Although TMZ usually deals with the lives of celebrity celebrities and not so much with international politics, this medium has been on several occasions the first to know and we all know of great deaths such as that of Mac Miller or Kobe Bryant. Thus, the speculations are not free, but neither confirmed. The secrecy of North Korea protects, among other things, the information that comes from there, including that of the state of health of its young leader.

Kim Yo-jong: North Korea's future?

If so, who would replace Kim Jong-un? North Korea's supreme leader has three children, all minors, and regency is not an option in the Korean monarchy. So who sounds more than anyone is his younger sister Kim Yo-jong, who is not known much but who has returned to public opinion in North Korea and the world. She was the first Kim to visit South Korea in 2018, which is why she has been a topic in the international press for more or less two years. However, she has spent more or less seven years pursuing a political career in the Korean Labor Party and is currently the director of that party's Propaganda and Agitation Department. She is trending again now, who is her brother's possible successor. We will see.

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