The 5 richest young people in the world

These people do not reach 30 years of age, however, their fortune goes over 10 digits.

Alexandra Andresen, Katharina Andresen, Kylie Jenner.

We tell you which are the young billionaires according to Forbes. / Photos: instagram.com/alexandraandresen, instagram.com/kgandresen, instagram.com/kyliejenner

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Although the onset of adulthood for the vast majority is synonymous with financial limitations, where projects are started and experience is gained to later have a comfortable heritage, for these 5 young people it is the opposite. In the Forbes List of Billionaires there are 2,095 people -this number varies constantly-, but only 10 of them are under 30 years of age or younger, of which only 3 have generated their fortune from the beginning. The next are, according to Forbes, the top 5  youngest billionaires. 

5) Jonathan Kwok

This 28-year-old Chinese man is ranked fifth thanks to his $ 2.2 billion fortune, making him 1082nd among the world's billionaires. Jonathan inherited with his brother the real estate company from his father, Walter Kwok, who was president of the largest real estate developer in Hong Kong, but in 2008 he was expelled, so he created his own company called Empire Group Holdings, which Jonathan Kwok assumed in 2018, the year his father passed away.

4) Gustav Magnar Witzoe

At 26, this young Norwegian is already making a fortune of $ 2.6 billion, ranking 891 among billionaires worldwide. Vanity Fair magazine reports that his fortune began with his father, Gustav Witzoe, who in 2013, after his son graduated, gave him a 53% stake in SalMar, one of the world's leading salmon producers since 1991. For his part, Gustav Magnar has been in charge of investing in new markets such as technology and real estate.

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3) Katharina Andresen

Another participant from Norway, Katharina Andresen is 24 years old and is positioned as the 1851 billionaire in the world, thanks to her fortune of 1.2 billion dollars obtained after inheriting with her sister 42% of the family investment firm , called Ferd. This according to BBC started as a company dedicated to the tobacco industry in 1849, becoming the leading company in that sector of the country. However, following the principle of “reinventing the business”, Ferd became a real estate and private equity investment firm.

2) Alexandra Andresen

Previously it was explained that Katharina and her sister had inherited 42% of the family business, Alexandra is that sister. She also has a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars and is in the 1886 position on the Forbes list with 23 years of age, in the end, it is Katharina and Alexandra who along with their father Johan, have the power of the investment firm Ferd.

1) Kylie Jenner

The best-known of the ranking: the American Kylie Jenner, who is not here for her beauty or her family popularity after the reality show, but thanks to the makeup company that she started herself and made her the youngest person on the list of billionaires. Jenner is only 22 years old and has a billion-dollar fortune. Kylie took advantage of her earnings as a model and her great popularity - she is among the 5 most-followed people on Instagram, with 170 million followers - to put on sale in 2016 a line of lipsticks with her name Kylie Cosmetics. 18 months later and with a Broader catalog, the company generated more than $ 400 million in profit, according to Vogue.

Jenner sold 51% of her shares in 2019 to a cosmetics giant called Coty Inc. which paid $ 600 million, while Kylie kept 49% and was in charge of the marketing and creative functions.



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