All about "Las que no iban a salir" by Bad Bunny

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Here's all we know about the Bad Bunny surprise album

Cover of the album 'Those that were not going to leave Bad Bunny.

The surprise album was released by Bad Bunny on May 10. / Photos: youtube.com/Bad Bunny, instagram.com/badbunnypr

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The most interesting thing that has happened on social networks during the quarantine period has been to see our favorite celebrities, affected, like us, by the days of confinement. Although their lives are very different from ours, sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities are also human beings prone to anxiety and despair from the days of confinement to which the global crisis has brought us. This is why it is interesting to see that they share with their followers how they have been living this situation to which all, without exception, are subject.

This is the case of Bad Bunny, who has shared with his followers his unemployment and his despair in the days of confinement through his social networks. Two weeks ago, in fact, he made a live broadcast from his Instagram account, in which, with his pajamas on, a drink in hand and a wooden spoon, he sang the songs of his latest album YHLQMDLG, which he released earlier this year and has not been able to sing live for his fans due to the health crisis.



Una publicación compartida de BAD | BUNNY (@badbunnypr) el


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Las que no iban a salir

In this same live broadcast, Bad Bunny shared unpublished songs with the world that we did not know from any album. He sang them and told the story of each and explained why he had decided not to include them on any of his two solo studio albums. He also said that they were never going to be released, because they were not ready and the crisis did not allow him to work on them. He created, then, the intrigue and expectation around those songs that he sang that day and that, according to him, would remain unpublished.

A week later, however, in an impulse that seemed improvised and rather emotional towards his followers, the reggaetonist decided to officially launch this group of songs on streaming platforms under a surprise album titled like this: Las que no iban a salir. With this, Bad Bunny shares with his followers these songs that, although they were not ready, deserved to see the light in the midst of the crisis.


The nature of the album is improvised, so that there is no concept in it that brings together the songs it contains beyond being previously unreleased and hidden. So much so, that some songs are entitled "Song with Yandel" or "Bad with Nicky", referring to whoever collaborates with him but not the content of the lyrics. It is for this same emotional and improvised nature, that perhaps this album can excite the fans a lot, since it is a gesture of affection from the artist towards his followers in these times of confinement, but also for this very reason it does not feel like a Bad Bunny album which are usually thought of and pursue a concept.

Las que no iban a salir basically works for what it was launched: to entertain us during the quarantine and give us the illusion of news, of something new in the industry and content to consume. Sure we will dance some of these songs at home, but they only go so far. As he said, they are not ready yet, and that is why perhaps they do not change our lives or comment on reggaeton as a form, as he did in YHLQMDLG . In  any case, habemus perreo for quarantine.