Review of Netflix's Dead to me

Here are our first impressions from the second season of this Netflix original black comedy series

Frame from the trailer of the series 'Dead to me'

We tell you why you should see 'Dead to me'. / Photo: youtube.com/Netflix

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This month the second season of Dead to me was released on the streaming platform. It is a black comedy in which two women become friends without knowing that one has murdered the husband of the other. While it seems like a dark plot, Dead to me is a comedy in the same format as other Netflix originals, such as Grace and Frankie, in which two women become friends after their husbands have left them, Dead to me makes us laugh at the absurdity of this strange friendship between two women. It is also a crime series, as murders occur both at the beginning and end of the first season.

The first season had good reviews despite how dark it can get. Netflix has launched, then, the second season. Here's everything you should know about it.



About Dead to me

Dead to me, or Muertos para mí, as they translate it for Latin America, is a story created by comedian and writer Liz Feldman and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay. It also stars Christina Applegate (Married ... with children, Bad Moms) and Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks, Scooby Doo), two actresses who with their interpretation give an air of comedy but also despair.

These are two mourning women who become friends in a grief therapy support group. One of them, Jen, played by Applegate, is a mother of two children, a real estate star salesperson, a millionaire, with anger problems, obsessive and who mourns the death of her husband who has been run over at night and abandoned by those who ran him over. Jen undertakes an obsessive search for the culprit. On the other hand, Judy, played by Cardellini, is an optimistic and spiritual woman who, we will see, hides a dark secret.

In the first season we saw the story take unexpected turns and squirm, do tricks. At the same time, we saw these two women hanging by a thread but making friends and defending each other from the rest of the world, we also saw Judy burn with guilt for having hidden a secret with which she can no longer carry anymore.

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What is the second season about?

The success of Dead to me, in addition to being a black comedy that allows us to laugh at what we shouldn't, is that chapter by chapter we see the protagonists about to be discovered. This tone of urgency is also maintained in the second season, in which it will be Jen who keeps a secret and who we see dying of guilt. Between the two they will try to hide this bitter crime that one of them has committed and we will see with each installment how they are about to be discovered and then they are saved at the last minute. Dead to me gives no respite, because while all this happens and a new mystery appears each chapter, we will also see ourselves laughing at the absurd and senseless humor of the series, rude and black.

It is a series that does not respect all sensibilities but that feels updated and modern and that has the viewer on the edge of the chair while laughing at the follies of these two women. Recommended for these times of quarantine and home entertainment.