Three world leaders obsessed with sports

These leaders not only compete in the political arena .

Vladimir Putin.

Different world leaders are also sports fans. / Photo: Pixabay

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World leaders, like all of us, also need leisure time from time to time, to release the stress that certainly comes with the pressure of running a country. For better or for worse, these are some of them who decide to spend this time with sports.

1. Donald Trump

Throughout his presidency, President Trump has been consistently criticized for his frequent visits to private golf courses. So much so that the website trumpgolfcount.com has estimated that Trump has played 251 times so far in his presidency, costing Americans an estimated $ 134 million, according to the Huffington Post.

This is particularly outrageous since the president assured during his campaign in 2016 that he would be "so busy that he would not even have time to play golf."

However, it seems that the obsession of the American President bears fruit at least in that sports setting. Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus has mentioned that Trump "loves golf more than he loves money" and although there are no records of the quality of his game after 2016, it should be noted that he has an excellent handicap of 2.8, according to Golf News Net. However, rumors abound that Trump frequently cheats. Could it be true?

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2. Vladimir Putin

Putin is truly a Renaissance man when it comes to sports. The president has experience in a wide range of sports activities, including judo, ski, hockey, mountaineering, diving, and fishing.

Of all these, it seems that judo is the one that shone the most, becoming champion at 21 in Leningrad. His mastery of this practice is such that in 1999 he published a book called "Learning Judo with Vladimir Putin". This book also resulted in an educational video, which can be found here.

Putin's ability to master these different disciplines is surprising and many of his coaches claim that he has a very fast ability to learn. Is it because of his famous discipline, or is it another piece of Russian propaganda?

3. Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador

AMLO has confessed that he is a baseball fanatic and his love of the sport has been well known for a while. The Mexican president has mentioned that in his hometown of Tepetitán "there was nothing else to do" and that in high school he was considered a prospect for the MLB.

AMLO has announced its plan to spend a billion pesos for two baseball stadiums and turn them into sports schools. One of the objectives during his presidency, it seems, is to push this popular sport in Mexico to new heights.



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