The Last Dance: review of the last 5 chapters

Chapter 10 marks the end of one of the best sports documentary projects in history.

Frame from the series 'The Last Dance'.

We tell you why you should see 'The Last Dance'. / Photo: youtube.com/Netflix

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The last chapter of The Last Dance, the sports documentary series that tells the story of the last season of Jordan's legendary Bulls, came out a few days ago, closing one of the best series Netflix has ever had. The streaming service has recently been dominating this field of audiovisual production with documentaries such as Tiger King, 13th, and of course The Last Dance, which have not only been liked by critics but also by the general public. Let's see then, how the sports series that is on everyone's lips concluded.

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An ending on a high note

The Last Dance, as perhaps we had mentioned it in the review of the previous 5 chapters, stands out for its quality in terms of archival material, interviews, and use of an unconventional narrative construction, which jumps from the past to the present without confusing the viewer.

That's even truer in the later chapters of the series, which move between the Bulls' last three Playoff seasons without confusing the viewer.

The thematic spectrum of these chapters is surprising, they spare no effort to tell the story in its entirety. Among the topics they touch on are:

  • Jordan's gambling problems
  • The demystification of Jordan as “a legend”
  • The murder of Jordan's father and his subsequent first retirement from basketball
  • Jordan's short but significant career as a professional baseball player
  • Jordan's mindset and work ethic
  • Jordan's Legendary "Flu Game" and Player Steve Kerr's Redemption
  • The incredible finale of the last Playoff game the Chicago Bulls played

These chapters fly for basketball fans, as they are entertaining and have a great rhythm. The finale in particular is especially emotional, and will surely move anyone who has participated in a team sport. Not to mention, it ties together all the narrative threads that were created in the early chapters, giving Jordan's teammates a chance to shine.


Some criticism

However, the documentary has not been without criticism. The main one is that several reporters and some Jordan's teammates, such as center Horace Grant, have accused the superstar of not being completely honest in the documentary. They assure that this is in order to exalt their own image. The journalist author of The Jordan Rules also said that the documentary was "more based on real events" than 100% true.

As a minor critic, the legendary center Shaquille O'Neal, who is one of the few important figures who does not have an interview, is also notable for his absence, despite being mentioned several times during the documentary. Shaq, for his part, has said that the documentary confirmed that Jordan "is the best of all time."