When does the transfer market return?

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These are the tentative dates for the return of the transfer market in Europe.

Person wearing guayos with one foot on a soccer ball.

The transfer market is on hiatus due to the pandemic, however, some already have dates scheduled in Europe. / Photo: Pexels

LatinamericanPost | Juan Manuel Londoño

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This summer market seems to be non-traditional, considering that both budgets and general interest in soccer have been reduced due to the coronavirus. However, here at LatinAmerican Post, we bring you the dates of the tentative returns (and some that are already fixed) from the transfer markets around Europe.


The date set for the transfer market in this country is from July 1 to September 1, due to recent decisions by FIFA to regulate this market.

Among the most important rumors is the purchase of Lautaro from Inter Milan by Barcelona, and the already almost confirmed purchase of Brazilian striker Gustavo Maia, by the same team.

France and England

These two countries open and close their summer markets on the same day: they run from June 10 to September 1.

In England, the striker Nigerian Odion Ighalo's contract at Manchester City has been extended so far until January 31, 2021. Additionally, the player Matías Vecino has been offered to Tottenham, who could buy him from Inter Milan for 20 million euros. Arsenal has also clarified their intention to remain with striker Emerick Aubameyang until they are offered an adequate price for him.

Meanwhile, in France, the big news is the acquisition of Argentine striker Mauricio Icardi by PSG, for a price of 70 million euros. The decision of PSG has been indicative of the future of football in these times of coronavirus since the club had to sign him for a "tight" figure.

NBA's preparations for the post-quarantine season


The Bundesliga will hold its transfer market from July 1 to August 31, having one of the narrowest windows in all of Europe. For now, it is known that Bayer Leverkusen renewed the contract of left-back Wendell Nascimento Borges until 2022.

Other European leagues

The rest of the European leagues must compulsorily open their market from June 9 to 29 of the same month, but there is still no definite closing date. We will have to wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds, to see the true impact of the crisis in the world of football.