NBA: The most affected players by the coronavirus

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The global pandemic has more severe consequences for some basketball players.

Rudy Gobert, Karl-Anthony Towns, Vince Carter and LeBron James.

Some basketball players have faced more difficult consequences of the pandemic than others. / Photos: instagram.com/rudygobert27, instagram.com/karltowns, twitter.com/mrvincecarter15, instagram.com/kingjames

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the lives of all NBA players have been affected. But beyond the boredom of not being able to play and the general uncertainty that we have all faced, there are some players who have faced more severe consequences than others. here are some of them

Rudy Gobert

The most famous NBA player in recent months, and not exactly for good news, has been this center of the Utah Jazz. His name was on the cover of all the newspapers in the world when, after touching the microphones and recording elements of several journalists at a press conference, he tested positive for coronavirus a few days later. The joke made him the target of much criticism on social media for his irresponsible behavior.

This attitude earned him the disapproval of his teammates, especially guard Donovan Mitchell, who according to rumors stopped talking to Gobert for a month. Gobert donated $ 500,000 to help fight the virus in an effort to repair his reputation, but his relationship with his team and the league may be irreparably damaged.

Karl-Anthony Towns

The Minnesota Timberwolves center has been, perhaps, the most affected player by the pandemic, as the coronavirus took the life of his mother on April 13, during the first months of the current crisis. On his Instagram account, the player shared an emotional video of the moments he shared with her in life.


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Vince Carter

Carter is one of the longest-serving players in the NBA, being the only player to have been with the organization for four decades. His time playing has been such that it is estimated that of all the players who have been in the history of the organization, he has played against or with 37% of them. That's why it was sad for fans that his long career ended ingloriously in a regular-season game due to the coronavirus. It is undoubtedly a legend that did not have its due farewell. Below a few minutes of what may have been his last game.

Lebron James

The reputation of being in the “best of all time” club makes every crisis a challenge for players like Lebron. The coronavirus supposedly already made him lose the MVP race against Giannis Antetokounmpo, as he did not have time to shine the rest of the season. Furthermore, considering that the teams have been able to rest during the quarantine, Lebron, who is no longer that young, faces one of the most difficult post-seasons of his career. Can you silence doubts?