Best of Amazon Prime Video to watch in June 2020

Every month, Amazon Prime Video renews its catalog

Frame from the series 'The President'

Different productions are added this month to the catalog of the streaming platform. / Photo: youtube.com/Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is one of the most important video streaming platforms today. Despite the fact that the market has several alternatives, such as Disney Plus or Netflix, more and more users are choosing the service of the company that is currently managed by Jeff Bezos.

Some people even claim that the Amazon Prime Video catalog is "much better than Netflix's." For example, we can see the Andro4all website, which argues that we should switch to this service because we have an "amazing catalog", with really interesting productions, unlike in Netflix, which has a lot of filler. 

In case you don't have it, you can take advantage of the quarantine to try it for free. As the media As highlights, you can activate a free period of 30 days, where you can see all the new content that is already available . Knowing this, we decided to find out which are the best releases of this service for the month of June 2020.

What are the best Amazon Prime Video releases in June 2020?

First of all, we can talk about a series that was considered by many to be the pioneer in revolutionizing the Internet, we are talking about Lost, the successful story of JJ Abrams where a group of people who were traveling in an airplane end up becoming lost on an island, which will be full of secrets.

According to what Espinof's specialized website highlights, it is necessary to watch this series to understand "television of the 21st century", since the series has an atypical structure, where all the chapters generate new sensations for the viewer and have enigmas that are not solved. Therefore, it is an ideal story to theorize with your friends.

Another cult series that will join this platform during the month of June is Dexter. For those who do not know it, it is an interesting story, where the protagonist is a coroner specialized in blood splatters … but also a psychopath.

The story of this serial killer was excellently received throughout its 8 seasons, which will be on this platform. However, we warn you that many fans consider that the closing of the story does not live up to expectations, something argued by the media El País, saying that "it is not the end that Dexter deserved."

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If you are interested in soccer, you may want to see the new series that debuts on this platform, known as El Presidente. Through its episodes, it is revealed how the managers of sports clubs take advantage of the passion of the fans, where we can see a very important plot of personal growth.

In this sense, the CNet website itself mentions that it is a "dynamic and fun" series, where the transformation of the protagonist will make many people want to venture into the football business.

Also, we can see some interesting movies that will be added to the platform. Among them, the most outstanding is The Grinch, launched in 2018, being an original proposal for you to see as a family, pleasing both children and adults. Here are all the releases with their respective dates of inclusion in the platform:


The Kardashians – June 1

Lost – Seasons 1 to 6 – June 01

The President – June 5

Soccer players around the world – June 5

The Terror – Season 2 – June 11

Disappeared – June 19

New Amsterdan – Season 2 – June 22

What's Coming – Season 12 – May 29

Dexter – Seasons 1 to 8 – June 30


Oceans' June 8 – 9

The Vast of Night – June 12 (Amazon Originals)

The House of Terror – June 15

21 Bridges – June 20

The Grinch – June 22

Knives Out – June 29

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