The 5 largest and most successful franchises in 2020

This business model allows consumers to enjoy the same experience in any country, and these are the ones that have done it best .

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When it comes to starting and investing in a business, investors look for the lowest possible risk but with great advantages. Perhaps the franchise model is one of the most appropriate since it basically consists of buying and granting rights to a brand or company under certain conditions, which are mainly based on carrying out a standardized process with the idea that regardless of where the franchise is located, people can consume the same product or service, at the same time, with the same quality, flavor and atmosphere, according to Economipedia.

In the top 5 franchises worldwide, the US power in this type of business stands out, since they all originated in the North American country. In a review of the Latin American franchise, MatchPoint reports that Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia are the countries with the most franchises in the region, although Peru is growing rapidly.

The largest franchises in the world for this 2020 are according to FranchiseDirect:

5) Burger King

A great burger and fast food restaurant with its renowned Whopper, this restaurant was born in Miami, United States in 1954 and currently has 18,840 operating franchises in more than 78 countries. The approximate investment to acquire the rights to Burger King and market under its name is $ 3,398,600 plus other expenses, according to estimates by Franchise Direct.

4) Pizza Hut

Beyond hamburgers and fries, people also want to eat pizza, and Pizza Hut knows it, this Texas-native pizzeria started its business in 1958 and became a franchise just a year later, considering the ranking it is the largest pizzeria of the world with 17,715 locations around the world. The estimated investment to start a Pizza Hut is $ 2,063,500.

3) Marriott International

The only top 5 franchise that does not belong to the food business, Marriott is the largest hotel chain on the planet with 7000 properties that have between 100 and 2000 rooms each, it is estimated that Marriott hotels total more than a million rooms in more than 115 countries.  According to the newspaper El Universo, 1 in 15 hotel rooms belong to Marriot. This franchise was also born in the United States specifically in Maryland in the year 1967, the approximate investment to acquire the Marriott franchise is $ 111,853,090 for a 300-room facility.

2) KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken originated as its name implies in Kentucky, United States and currently they have 23,105 places where they prepare their characteristic fried chicken. Unlike those already mentioned, KFC took longer to become a franchise, since it was created as a restaurant in 1939 and moved to this business model in 1952 , it should be noted that the name of KFC is owned by the multinational Yum ! Brands Inc. the same that manages Pizza Hut and other large franchises such as Taco Bell according to Forbes review. Starting an KFC requires an estimated investment of $ 2,771,550.

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1) McDonald's

Pues aquí tenemos hilo de una de las empresas más esperadas.

Es lider mundial en el sector del fast food a nivel global y podemos decir que es una de las empresas de bienes raíces más grande del planeta.

Hoy hablaremos de McDonalds ( $MCD )

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It is impossible to speak of franchises without referring to McDonald's, which despite not being the first to implement this model, is the most successful in carrying it out. It emerged in Chicago in 1956 and already has 38,695 stores in more than 119 countries around the world, of which 14,000 are in the United States. The cost to invest in a new McDonalds is approximately $ 2,306,500.