Iraq: a rocket was fired to the United States embassy

A missile shot against US interests was reported this Sunday.

Soldiers with a missile

The missile hit a house near the United States embassy. / Photo: Pixabay - Reference Image

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This Sunday, July 5, a statement from the United States Army reported on the launch of a missile targeting Baghdad's Green Zone in Iraq. This area is highly secure, as the United States Embassy is located there. The US military reports that the missile fell into a home, where it injured a child. This happens one week after the release of pro-Iranian fighters who had been detained in an attempt to stop these attacks that are reported today.

More about the day

Coincidentally, at the time of these attacks, US troops in Baghdad are testing a new air security system to defend this area from rocket and missile attacks of this type. This missile launch into the Green Zone in which the American embassy in Baghdad is located comes after a day in which loud explosions resonated at frequent and regular intervals in Baghdad. On this, the statement from the US military is not clear regarding whether this time, this new missile and rocket defense system was activated.

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This happens after, on the night of June 25, a group of fourteen men belonging to Hezbollah brigades, one of the most radical pro-Iranian factions, were detained during a raid by elite anti-terrorist units. Thus, rockets and launch ramps that could be used to carry out an air attack were seized.

A few days later, a dozen of these men were released for lack of evidence. One of them remained accused and was deprived of his liberty.

Who will have to deal with it?

These attacks are undoubtedly a new challenge for Iraq's new prime minister, Moustafa al Kazimi, who took office just two months ago. Although the detainees were released a few days after the launch ramps were seized, the raid against them is said to be a step forward against the pro-Iranian fighters, as in the previous administration of the predecessor of the current and recent first Minister, Adil, Abdul-Mahdi, several attacks were reported without prevention and also went unpunished.

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