The world's 50 most famous women in robotics

Analytics Insight has highlighted the most empowered women in global robotics.

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We tell you the list of the most important women in the world of robotics. / Photo: Rawpixel - Reference image

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The list includes C-level executives, entrepreneurs, inventors, pioneers, professors, and influencers in robotics who are spearheading the innovation across different sectors and contributing to the proliferation of industry as a whole.

The issue recognizes the top 50 dynamic women in the robotics industry who are leading their way to unprecedented excellence. These innovative leaders are excelling beyond the prevailing gender-diversity challenges and revolutionizing how the mechanism of robots is being leveraged to bring about transformation.

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The influencers enlisted reflect the best women leaders who hold extensive experience and influence in robotics and their innovations are redesigning the future of businesses worldwide as well.

From driving rovers on Mars to improving farming, women have been everywhere. These women cover all parts of the robotics industry, both research, product and focus. They are authors and pioneers, researchers, and activists.

Here are 10 of the 50 leaders:

Danielle Applestone – CEO and Co-Founder at Daughters of Rosie

Crystal Chao – Chief Scientist at Huawei and the Global Lead of Robotics Projects

Alice Agogino – Roscoe and Elizabeth Hughes Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Emily Cross – Director at Social Brain in Action Laboratory

Dr. Susanne Bieller – General Secretary for International Federation of Robotics (IFR)

Cynthia Breazeal – Head of the Personal Robots Group at MIT Media Labs

Heather Justice – Software Engineer at NASA JPL

Ayorkor Korsah – Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Ashesi University

Madeline Gannon – Multidisciplinary Designer at Mimus

Kanako Harada – Program Manager at Cabinet Office, Japan

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