The favorites to win it all in the NBA

With a season that will soon resume, it is key to know who could become champion.

Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers players

These teams are shaping up to be the champions of this season in the NBA. / Photos: instagram.com/bucks, instagram.com/lakers

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The NBA regular season begins on July 30, where it will be decided which are the eight remaining teams that will go to the playoffs. Spectacular games are undoubtedly coming in which the basketball players will give their all to avoid having to stay at home. However, the most powerful teams are relaxed, having already qualified for the playoffs long ago. An unknown remains: which team will take the victory? Here we tell you about our 5 candidates.

Milwaukee Bucks

Honestly, this season's champions are very likely to be the bucks, they have everything to win. Right now they have the best record in the entire league, with 53 games won and just 12 lost. Additionally, the Bucks have the best defensive ranking in the entire league and the seventh offensive. This is vitally important in the playoffs, where a good defense is often a better weapon than a good offense. Its main star is Giannis Antetokounmpo "The Greek Freak" who is averaging 30 points per game.


Los Angeles Lakers

They follow closely behind the Bucks the Lakers, with the second best record in the league, with 49 games won and 14 lost. In terms of defense they are the third best team in the entire league, being fourth in terms of offense. Without a doubt, the combo of Anthony Davis, who averages 26 points per game and Lebron James who averages 25, will be lethal for any team that faces them. This is without taking into account, of course, that Lebron is one of the best playoff players in the entire history of the sport, averaging almost 29 points per game in his entire career.


Toronto Raptors

Who knows if last year's champions will be able to repeat their feat this year. Without the help of his best weapon, Kawhi Leonard, last year's Finals MVP, is very difficult for them to do. Their poor offense (fourteenth in the entire league) plays against them, so they will have to use their great defense (second in the league) to win the championship. We will be waiting for them to achieve another miracle.

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Los Angeles Clippers

This team has a good record of 44 wins and 20 losses from the hand of the already named Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, another of the league's greats. With the third offensive ranking and the fifth defensive ranking, they are a team that is balanced in both aspects of the game. However, Paul George is notorious for being a great player who has never been able to win a championship. Will his unlucky streak continue?


Boston Celtics

The Celtics have managed to maintain a respectable record of 43 wins and 21 losses so far this season. What stands out about them is that, despite not having a superstar, all their players have a very high level, almost no weak links. With the fifth best offense in the league and the fourth-best defense, they have every chance of becoming the champions of this season.