The 5 most valuable brands of 2020

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These companies have been able to comfortably exceed one hundred billion dollars.

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These brands are positioned as the most valuable during this pandemic season. / Photo: Unsplash

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This 2020 has been a low blow for most companies of almost any category, since the effects of the Covid-19 and the quarantine it has brought have to a certain extent halted large industries. However,  there are always some beneficiaries , among them were technology companies, which together have reported a 10% growth according to the renowned market researcher Kantar. This makes technology industries the second sector that has grown the most during the pandemic, since retail trade has been ahead with Amazon as the main exponent and 21% of collective growth.

This report is presented every year under the name of BrandZ's 100 most valuable global brands and is carried out by one of the world's leading market researchers such as Kantar. However, for this list, they use a different methodology that consists of taking into account the "brands that make the largest absolute contribution in dollars to the total value of their respective parent companies", since beyond considering their commercial value they are based on what these brands invest in their own success. In addition it also measures the perception of the brand according to consumers.

The crisis caused by the pandemic has generated certain changes in consumption. A clear example is that beyond the growth reported by the technology and retail industry, it turns out that insurance has been the third category with the highest increase, with an 8% increase to accumulate $ 155 billion. In turn, others industries affected by the quarantine have been: the fast food categories (which fell by 2%), the beer industry (also fell by 4%) and the vehicle industry (7%). The most affected category according to BrandZ was that of energy, with a 22% drop.

The 5 most valuable brands of 2020:

5. Visa

The American payments company recently grew to rank fifth with a value of $ 186.809 million today, growing 5%.

4. Google

Starting from the fourth place, an important gap opens, due to Google which has a value of 323,601 million dollars, growing 5%.

3. Microsoft

Another American technology giant is present with a value of $ 326.544 million, increasing its value by 30%.

2. Apple

The important company of smart phones and other technological devices accumulates a value of 325,206 million dollars , presenting a growth of 14%.

1. Amazon

Jeff Bezos's e-commerce company has become the most valuable brand in the world, with a value of $ 415.855 million , growing 32%, making it the sixth fastest growing brand.

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The top 5 of the list does not include brands outside the United States, this is because the North American country makes up more than half of the ranking while 25% belongs to the Asian continent. On the other hand, Tik Tok is the “revelation of the ranking” since it is one of the 5 new brands that entered the list, although in its case it is the one that ranked highest occupying the 79th position. In addition, it was considered the Most influential brand of all in the ranking despite the doubts that its privacy policies have left, since according to InsiderLatam, privacy and trust have been a key factor in the technology category because users demand better care with the data they supply. Sustainability also became a relevant aspect, mainly in the luxury category, as new generations expect the use of sustainable materials and less use of packaging.