Today's best retro console adaptations

Do you consider yourself a nostalgic gamer? You may be interested to know the best new versions of retro consoles .

Play Station 1 Console

These are the best retro consoles that returned to the present with a modern version. / Photo: Pexels

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The taste for the old generates a lot of fans. Generally, most of us have memories of our childhood, adolescence or any passage of life in which we had a great time. Companies know this, so they offer products that try to satisfy this desire to bring to the present what belonged to the past.

A very representative sector of the market for this is videogames. Recently, for example, the media La Tercera mentioned that Sega launched the new SEGA mini-arcade, known as the Astro City Mini, which is a recreation of the arcade that came out in 1993, where 36 games from that time are pre-installed.

Given this, we decided to find out which were the best consoles from the past that returned to the present with new versions .

PlayStation Classic

We start with one of the most iconic, which knew how to take the step towards a revolution in terms of gameplay, something that is shown, according to Hobbyconsolas, in the sales figures. The original 1994 version achieved some 102.4 million sales worldwide, so launching a "mini" edition was a real success.

However, not everything was as expected. As CNet mentions, this 2018 console was an "incomplete response to the 32-bit era". That is because, in terms of aesthetics, it looks like an exact replica of the miniature, although much smaller, something that also happens with the controls. However, the problem was in the video games: although they all worked very well, the choice of 20 pre-installed titles was somewhat short, in addition to the fact that the most popular ones were not necessarily chosen.

SNES Classic Edition

In this case, we have a version of a Nintendo console that was put on sale in 2017, trying to replicate the success of the Super Nintendo, released on the market in 1990. It had an architecture that emulated the hardware of the previous one, with a library of  21 classic games.

According to the specialized Vandal website, it has an appearance very similar to that of the original console, with a simple initial menu, where all the titles appear with their respective saved spaces. The image quality is 720p, so the sharpness is appreciated even on today's televisions, something that many veteran players appreciated, giving it a good reception.

NES Classic

Another of the adaptations of Nintendo, which in this case was put on sale in 2016, trying to bring the essence of the old and iconic console from 1983 . The architecture is based on the hardware emulation of the previous model, where some titles from the first edition are included.

The Xataka medium classified it as a "perfect emulation of the Nintendo classics", being a really small model, since it fits in one hand. It is a very faithful replica of the original, which can be powered by a microUSB port that connects directly to the television , something ideal if you wanted to take it to play with a friend.

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Sega Genesis Mini

Also known as Megadrive, it was a 2019 console that was heavily inspired by the original, which was released in 1988. With a total of 42 games, it is half the size of the original, in addition to the use of Full-size drivers that are used via USB.

The specialized media VidaExtra highlighted that it was a "dream come true for any SEGA 16-bit lover", where the same sensations of yesteryear are maintained when using it. This shows that, despite the fact that technology has advanced enormously, there is still a gap in our hearts to recall moments where consoles were just beginning to become popular.