The difference in Donald Trump and Joe Biden's environmental agenda

The two candidates for the future United States presidential election have different views of the environment .

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The presidential candidates have expressed their differences on environmental issues. / Photos: twitter.com/realDonaldTrump, twitter.com/JoeBiden

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The environment is an issue that worries almost the entire population. This can be seen, for example, in the research mentioned in the New Energies Magazine, where it is said that Argentines "are increasingly concerned about the environment." However, it is an issue that is on the agenda throughout the world.

Obviously, perceiving climate change or environmental quality implies that citizens are responsible for their own actions. However, state measures must also help us all achieve an ecological goal. For example, the CNN website highlights that "the quality of the air in the United States is dramatically worse than in years past", so citizens breathe unhealthy and highly polluted air.

In this situation, we decided to find out what Donald Trump and Joe Biden, candidates for the US presidential elections , are saying, observing if these environmental issues are part of their campaigns or if, on the contrary, it is not an issue they emphasize.

Donald Trump

The current President of the United States of America will seek reelection in the voting that will take place in November of this year. Therefore, it is a personality that we already met, knowing that he had several quite controversial opinions on the environment. For example, the media El País highlights that "the climate change report is not created", being a document that details its effects on the economy, health and the planet.

In the same vein, the El Diario website highlights that the current government "changed the regulations that protect the environment and public health", where everything is justified with the protection of jobs and economic growth, since promoting or maintaining maneuvers to take care of the planet would imply reducing production.

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In other words, during the previous Obama administration, standards had been promoted to protect water, for example, which were later eliminated because they "destroy jobs." His idea seems to be to face almost any climate agreement, arguing that it can be a danger to the country's manufacturing posts.

Continuing with his thinking about the environment, we see relationships with international agreements. Well, according to what La Vanguardia indicates, Donald Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Again, this global idea to face the climate crisis by cutting greenhouse gas emissions was rejected to "take care of the jobs."

Joe Biden

The Democrats' candidate appears to have a more open view of climate change. According to what the specialized website of EfeVerde comments, the former vice president during the command of Barack Obama promised that he will invest 1.7 billion dollars in clean energy, in addition to returning the country to the Paris Agreement to neutralize the emission of toxic gases .

At the same time, he will have to think in electoral terms, since having displaced the previous candidate Bernie Sanders, who had a more radical perspective to avoid contamination, will imply taking careful measures . According to Univision, the Democratic campaign "believes that climate change is an existential threat", although it remains to be seen what Joe Biden's real involvement is in the matter.

Another of the recent statements by candidate Biden implies "transforming the US electricity sector to produce energy without carbon emissions," as El Comercio reports. Therefore, it could be said that he has a much more protectionist vision of the planet, without implying the destruction of national industries.

From Biden's point of view, betting on the reduction in pollution will mean a greater stimulus for job creation during his hypothetical term, unlike Donald Trump , who opposes caring for the environment and supports the generation and maintenance of jobs. We will see what is the vision that will prevail in the voting.