Death Stranding, one of the best games today

After its confirmation for PC, the game of Hideo Kojima is considered as a "masterpiece"

Still from the trailer of the video game 'Death Stranding'

We tell you the reasons why 'Death Stranding' is considered one of the best games. / Photo: youtube.com/PlayStation

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Not long ago, a really successful game for the community and critics was adapted for computers. This is Death Stranding, which, according to the media La Vanguardia, debuts on PC in order to offer "superior graphic performance" , something that many users will appreciate, since the experience on PS4 was brilliantly received by users.

It is a cult video game, its own creator, the Japanese Hideo Kojima, is one of the masterminds behind its development. Even Xataka's own website highlights that he is "the closest thing to a film director in the sector" , in the sense that he is the only person mentioned when talking about a video game, since, generally creators often go unnoticed.

When a film comes out by a well-known director (such as Tarantino or Scorsese), it is often referred to as “the latest of”. The same goes for this mastermind, who managed to generate a new vision of video games, adapting cutting-edge mechanics that are really good to see within Death Stranding. Let's see the reasons for its success.

Why Death Stranding is considered a video game masterpiece

To understand the success of this installment, it is convenient to continue talking a little about this gamer artist. According to Infobae media, all of his releases generate great expectations, especially after breaking relations with the Konami company. In addition to the current title, we can highlight the Metal Gear saga, which put us in the shoes of Solid Snake, an infiltration soldier who revolutionized the original PlayStation in 1987.

It is clear that, after 30 years, the technology evolved considerably. Therefore, the technical limitations of yesteryear were no longer present, so the current project was betting, to a large extent, on having a widely attractive visual experience for the user, something that the Vandal media highlights as a “graphic show” for computers.

Returning to the title, it is an open world action and exploration installment, which stars the actor Norman Reedus. This is why, perhaps, his work is so similar to a movie: the script is intended to be enjoyed like a film, but at the same time its gameplay immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world that is very interesting to know.

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The specialized medium Hobbyconsolas highlighted it as a "masterpiece", in the sense that it is a unique creation and never seen before in the world of video games. From all the narrative possibilities offered by the title, the player enters a world where he must connect different scenes to understand the story .

With a truly ambitious storyline, the plot manages to generate constant interest in the players, since there are no script holes, but the gaps were deliberately made to capture attention. The idea of connection is not only in the script, but in the gameplay itself: our character will have to move from one point to another, something that, a priori, may sound tiring, but which is perfectly captured. This same situation allowed  the title to win "more than 70 awards" in the Game of the year category.

The idea of "living in the moment" is carried out masterfully, adding to it the cryptic and confusing idea of the whole gloomy environment. All the elements that appear in the world have some meaning for the plot or interactions can be generated, hence the importance of paying attention to everything that appears. This is why the Hipertextual website considers it the “best Hideo Kojima game”, where it seeks to weave bridges between its characters.

This even goes further, where the specialized website of Fantasmicmag classifies it as "one of the best games in history", fulfilling the expectations generated by an author of the stature of Kojima, but also surprising. This happens not only in graphics, but also with a story that seems to be about nothingness itself, but that hides many secrets that fans love.