The Crash and Spyro rivalry

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Still from the trailer for the video game 'Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time'

We tell you the reasons why these video games are still in force. / Photo: youtube.com/Play Station

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Surprisingly, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time was announced. According to what Vandal's specialized website highlights, on October 2 of this year a new title of this marsupial will arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, proving that, despite being a saga that has been on the market for years, it still continues with a lot of life.

The first of these games, released in 1996, was a real revolution for the original PlayStation, a classic plataformer, where we must control our protagonist through different levels, although adding comic elements and a look that  made it iconic.

However, by then, this Naughty Dog game had a direct rival: Spyro The Dragon, whose first installment came out in 1998. As both sagas seem to be more alive than ever today, we decided to revive the rivalry between these two franchises, that pitted the gamer community to see which was the favorite character .


Crash vs Spyro, two iconic games, but with differences

As we mentioned, both installments are experiencing good times. For example, in 2018 we had a remake of the dragon character, known as Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which had been released for PS4 and Xbox One , where the first 3 games of the saga were included in a single title, which the medium Hobbyconsolas describes as "three solid platform games, very fun and full of detail".

Through its three installments, Crash generated enormous popularity among the gamer community, since they consider his games to be cult classics, where the variety of environments, the touch of nature and the appearance of other iconic characters ( like Aku Aku or Dr. Neo Cortex) gave it an almost cartoonish touch, with a very identifiable universe.

Therefore, we saw that the Naughty Dog company, which would later create iconic titles like Uncharted, had enjoyed enormous success since 1996, when it released the first installment of Crash Bandicoot. Given this situation, from Insomniac Games they also wanted to achieve popularity, which is why they decided, for the year 1998, to launch a title that would also mark an era: Spyro The Dragon.

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The specialized website of TuPlayStation highlights that it became an "authentic symbol", both for the console and for the world of video games. The first scene introduces us to a totally charismatic dragon, but also to a very different world than the one we were used to in Crash. In other words, although the “children's” style of animation was maintained, everything seemed to have a more fantastic touch.

Therefore, the gamers of that time had two great possibilities to choose from. On the one hand, the possibility of opting for a more “real” world through Crash Bandicoot, while, on the other, the magical world of Spyro. Of course, most of the fans enjoyed both of them, although some preferred one and not the other, but both had a very friendly, addictive game system and fascinating visual work.

For example, the media Meristation highlights that the original installment of Crash managed to sell more than 40 million copies, making known the adventures of the marsupial throughout the world. Even, in its remastered version, it maintains all those characteristics and updates them in graphic terms.

Thus, we note that the remakes of Spyro and Crash, in addition to the latter's fourth title announcement, demonstrate that iconic games from other generations can be adapted today. So much so that the Xataka website mentions that this could generate new remakes from other franchises. Will the story of Spyro and Crash result in more titles of this style on the PlayStation 5? It seems that only time will have the answer.