Bill Gates predicted the end date of the pandemic

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Bill Gates recently gave his forecast on the end of the coronavirus. Let's see what can be analyzed based on his statements .

Bill gates

The Microsoft founder made statements in which I have predicted a date for the end of the pandemic. / Photo: flickr.com/Steve Jurvetson

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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The pandemic is overwhelming many people. As a result of the isolation that occurred in many countries, more and more people are thinking about the possibility of normality. This is what is happening in Wuhan, according to the media La Nación, which says goodbye to "the chinstraps" and is getting closer to returning to normal life.

In this sense, we saw that an authority in technology gave its opinion regarding what could happen in the near future. The Page 12 website highlights that Bill Gates, former head of Microsoft, proposed a scenario "for the rich world" and another for "the rest of the countries", which would imply that the return to habituality will differ according to the characteristics of countries.

Given these recent statements, we decided to analyze his perspective and see how likely it is that this prophecy will end up happening. That is, if the scenario proposed by Bill Gates according to the wealth of nations can change when a vaccine finally comes out.

Bill Gates' statements and future scenarios

There are several scenarios for the supposed return to normality once the vaccine is prepared. The newspaper El Litoral highlights that, although the vaccines are registered and can be used legally, they will not initially be distributed to the entire population. That is, they would be strategically distributed, starting with high-risk individuals.

Apart from the possibility that the vaccine is ready for this year, Bill Gates also predicted the end date of the pandemic. From his point of view, we will have to wait until 2022 to finish it carefully. However, the "rich world" would end it by the end of 2021, while the rest of the planet will have to wait another year.

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The founder of Microsoft, recently, had also shown his concern about current vaccines for the coronavirus. According to the Infobae website, there are still some questions to answer in the advances of the University of Oxford and Russia, since it is necessary to find out what is the duration of protection and effectiveness in the elderly.

Returning to the examples of the “rich world” and the “poor world” that Bill Gates raises, we can analyze the current situation with respect to the cases. The Télam news agency highlights that there is a current concern about the outbreaks of contagion in Europe, despite the fact that some countries like Spain think that it is a safe destination for foreign tourists.

However, in some Latin American countries the situation seems to be different. For example, the Diálogo a Fondo blog highlights Uruguay's "secret of success" in the face of COVID-19, with early detection and subsequent surveillance that allowed activities to gradually open up, currently having about 1,400 cases.

Taking into account that, for example, the medium Scope highlights that Argentina will be able to access the coronavirus vaccine between 6 and 12 months before, it remains to be seen what the conditions and procedures are to continue with this situation. That is, the vision of Bill Gates, dividing the world according to the amount of wealth, can be somewhat arbitrary.

For now, the conditions in which the quarantine is taking place, the efforts of governments to prevent the increase in infections and the work of scientists to prepare vaccines are the only things we have so far . Then each country will face a different reality depending on the context in which it ends once everything is ready to begin with the recovery.