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Maluma and Frame from the trailer 'Enola Holmes'

These are the most important entertainment news of this week. / Photos: IG / maluma, IG / milliebobbybrown

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Like every Friday, our summary of the five most relevant news in the world of entertainment is here for you to start the weekend updated. Gossip, premieres and much more in this new summary.

Maluma premieres Papi Juancho

Last Friday the Paisa reggaeton singer  released his new album, Papi Juancho. In it you can find songs of love and resentment. There is his famous single Hawaii, which has been a resounding success since its release at the end of July and which has had a second peak in popularity after Neymar Jr. sang it in a story from his Instagram account to celebrate the victory with PSG before his last defeat in the Champions League final.

Enola Holmes Trailer

This week the trailer for the new movie that Netflix is preparing for the following month was released. This is Enola Holmes, a feature film that imagines the story of Enola, Sherlock Holmes' sister. The protagonist is played by Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role as Eleven in the hugely popular Netflix production Stranger Things. In the trailer we see a youthful and playful tone with the same comedy of the Sherlock films but with a feminine touch this time. We can't wait to see this girl in another role that is sure to refresh her as a child star and be another display of her talent.

Netflix announces the Girl's I've Been


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And speaking of Millie Bobby Brown, it was also announced this month that the young actress will debut as a producer in a feature film that Netflix is preparing for January 2021. It is The Girls I've Been, a production based on the eponymous book by Tess Shape , in whose story a girl becomes involved in the tangles of her criminal mother. The young actress participates in this film as a producer and it will be her first time in charge of this responsibility in a production of the streaming giant.

Premiere of The New Mutants

This week The New Mutants also premiered in theaters (at least the ones that are open now). After two years of delay and confusing announcements that even hinted that it would not be done, The New Mutants debuts on its final release date, planned since the beginning of this year. It is a feature film that imagines the adventures of five young mutants who graduated from the school for special boys of Charles Xavier, father of the X-Men. The film crosses the horror and superhero genres to bring a new proposal that we can't wait to see.

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Resignation of the CEO of Tik Tok


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This Wednesday Kevin Mayer, CEO of Tik Tok, has resigned from his position, which he has held for just a few months. This resignation is due to pressure from Donald Trump, president of the United States, on the security policies of the company . This social network has been used by teenagers to sabotage Donald Trump and has become the protagonist of his economic war against China.