These are the soccer clubs that dominate social media

Let's see which are the football clubs that have the most interactions on social networks.

Computer with the view of the Twitter profile of FC Barcelona

We tell you which are the most popular teams on social networks. / Photo: Unsplash

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Soccer, like any activity, is a business, and an important part of this business consists of dominating social networks. The more interaction there is with the followers, this means that there will be more people tuning in to the games and therefore, more advertising revenue. It is difficult to know if the most popular clubs are the ones that bring more publicity or it is the other way around, but the truth is that the better the sponsors of a club, the better the players they will be able to sign. Here we bring you, without further ado, some of the clubs that dominated the most in networks this past August, tables courtesy of Deportes & Finanzas.

The most popular clubs in networks in Spain

This list was dominated by Barcelona last month, for more than obvious reasons: The arrival of a new technical director and the rumors of the departure of Lionel Messi from the squad, which ended up being immaterial. With 9.62 million interactions, they almost tripled those of the second place, Real Madrid. It has been a very busy month for Barcelona and the statistics show it.


The most popular clubs in networks in America

The renewal of Diego Rivas' contract, as well as the opening of an account in Spanish, made Flamengo take the place as the soccer account in America with the most interactions on Twitter during the month of August, with 5.92 million interactions. He is closely followed by Vasco de Gamam, who turned 122 on August 20. In general, we see that Brazilian clubs dominate the list, with 9 out of 10 clubs originating from this country.


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The most popular clubs on Facebook

Lastly, we have a list showing the most popular clubs on Facebook for the month of August. As you can see, there are not only football clubs here, but also the very popular Mumbai Indians cricket club. Here the winners of the Champions League enjoy an important leadership over the other teams with almost 6 million more interactions than Arsenal, the second most popular club. The latter occupies this position probably due to his victory in the FA Cup, which became the 14th in the club's history.