3 big NBA news you may have missed

Steve Nash will be a coach, Lebron passes the Grizzlies in Playoff points and other news from the best basketball in the world.

Lebron James

This is the most important news that the NBA left this week. / Photo: TW / ESPNStatsInfo

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With everything going on in the world, it's hard to keep up with some of the NBA stories that don't go as viral on social media. We know this and that's why this week we bring you some of the NBA news that you may not have had time to see.

Steve Nash to coach the Brooklyn Nets

It was announced last week that the Hall of Fame guard would be the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets. After 5 successful seasons with the Golden State as a player development consultant, Nash will move to the Nets on a 4-year contract. There he will have the opportunity to work with star players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Definitely a great addition to the League.

Lebron breaks 2 records

Lebron James in this playoff series against the Houston Rockets has broken two significant records. The first of them is the number of Playoff games won, with 161 (Tying Derek Fisher) that he will surely surpass in the remainder of the series. Additionally, James has scored 7,096 postseason points at press time, more than four teams have ever done (Grizzlies, Hornets, Timberwolves and Pelicans).

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League sends official memorandum to teams warning of coronavirus clotting risks

This was reported by Shams Charania, analyst at The Athletic. It seems that from the official branch of the league they have been alerting the teams that they should be alert to the increased risk of blood clotting caused by the coronavirus. This clotting can cause deep thrombus venosis, a disease that has the potential to end players' seasons (and careers), as has already happened with Chris Bosh and Brandon Ingram. The news is worrying because it could imply that the bubble is not as safe as it seems.