"The Taco Chronicles" return to celebrate the Independence of Mexico

The fascinating stories of Mexican tacos premiere their second installment on Netflix .

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The platform premieres the second season of 'Las Crónicas del Taco' to celebrate the independence of Mexico. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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There is no more emblematic date for Mexico than September 15, the date on which Mexicans celebrate the beginning of their independence. Netflix premieres this September 15 its second installment of The Taco Chronicles , the miniseries that tells us the importance and stories of the most emblematic tacos in the North American country.

Why a series about tacos?

Beyond the relevance of Mexican cuisine at an international level, The Taco Chronicles is a walk through the most important tacos in this country. Breaking the idea that the taco is something unique, this miniseries explores the possibilities that exist around it and, more importantly, the role it plays in the daily lives of Mexicans. It might seem like a series intended for the Mexican public only, but it is not. It is a sample of the way of thinking of the inhabitants of this country, their relationship with food and how their historical heritage is summarized in each dish.


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Each taco tells us from its perspective the place it occupies in the extensive gastronomy of Mexico. Choosing the voice and building each "character" was difficult, but at the same time it has been what has given the series its stamp. Its creator, Pablo Cruz, commented to the newspaper Milenio : "What we did not want was a documentary with a presenter interviewing the taquero. We wanted the taco himself to tell his story, so in season one we were doubtful. What voice would the taco have? taco al pastor? Is the pastor male or female? "

In its first season you will find throughout its six episodes restaurants, testimonials, history, colors, textures and spectacular images that will definitely make you want to have one of those tacos in your hands. Pablo Cruz was surprised by the success that the series has had on the Netflix platform inside and outside of Mexico, in this regard he commented: "No, we really didn't think it would be so successful. Of course we knew it would have many critics, because Food is sacred, and in Mexico we take care of its secrets as if we were the owners of them " , according to information from the newspaper Publimetro . The newspaper also highlighted that the miniseries was awarded as Best TV Program on location in the James Beard Award , considered one of the most important awards in the gastronomy industry.

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Second season

There is no better presentation for this series than to premiere in the middle of September 15, the most important patriotic date in Mexico, when nationalism is at its peak. Pablo Cruz assured that the series could be recorded completely before the pandemic, so that only the post-production process remained.


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For this new season they tried numerous tacos until they chose the ones that will be the protagonists, in season one we were able to meet the taco al pastor, the carnitas, barbecue, barbecue basket and stews. Now we will have new gastronomic experiences, among them that of the burrito, one of the most controversial in Mexico due to how difficult it has been to detect its "true" origin. The Taco chronicles will also venture to explore the flavors of tacos in Monterrey, the Yucatan Peninsula, Jalisco, Baja California and even in the United States, according to information from the magazine Toluca la Bella .


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The taco is no longer just Mexican

Of course, the taco is no longer exclusively Mexican, in Central America tacos have been around for a long time and are becoming more and more common internationally. The taco chronicles take this into account and also give space to tacos produced in the United States that, although inevitably linked to Mexican culture, have acquired their own identity and have become protagonists in places like Los Angeles. If you have already seen the first season, you will remember that chapter. If you haven't seen it, this is the time, because in this second season there will be an exclusive chapter for these "foreign" tacos.


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Chicanos have been given the opportunity to experiment and seek new horizons for tacos, in the miniseries you will find testimonies that reveal it. The second season will not leave these stories aside, even Pablo Cruz dares to affirm that the taco is the best food in the world above pizza or sushi: "So my mission in life is to put the taco as king of any food and that when you get to any country you will find it. That people really take seriously that tacos are very high cuisine but at the same time honest, simple and… well,  not too expensive" he commented to the newspaper Milenio .


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