Rage, the book that reveals the secrets of Donald Trump

The current president of the United States of America hides some shocking secrets that are revealed by journalist Bob Woodward .

Cover of the book 'Rage' by Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward's book recounts the controversies surrounding Donald Trump's handling of the presidency. / Photo: Cover - simonandschuster.com

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The coronavirus has remained, for some months now, the main topic on the planet's media agenda. However, some public and political figures may not take it so seriously. This is what the CNN website mentions, when it comments that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, admitted "having hidden the truth" of the threat of COVID-19.

This was revealed in the new book Rage, by American journalist Bob Woodward. According to the La Vanguardia website, in February the president told the journalist that it was "deadly" and difficult to contain, although he downplayed it so as not to alarm the population and generate panic.

However, this new work is also the axis of many other controversies that reveal the secrets of a really important figure on a world scale. Knowing that he could even win re-election this year, we decided to analyze all the details of Rage, the book by journalist Bob Woodward that reveals the rationale behind many of Trump's decisions.

Rage, a book that sees through Donald Trump

The first thing we should explain is who the author of this book is. According to the Prensa website, Bob Woodward is the "journalist that the leaders of the United States fear." This claim is supported by the fact that the 77-year-old man has a long history in which he managed to find out important facts for the history of the country, such as statements by Richard Nixon about the Watergate scandal in the 1970s.

Well, currently there are also some other interesting political secrets. The first of them was the one we mentioned earlier, where, in a conversation with Woodward, the current Republican president would have assured that COVID-19 would simply "disappear."

Obviously, Trump did not sit idly by and, according to the website of La Nación de Paraguay, he would have claimed that he did not lie when assuring what was said about the coronavirus. Therefore, all the interviews that the journalist conducted with the current North American president were published in this book, which seeks to know him more in depth.

The book also shows other controversial aspects of Trump. According to The New York Times, the former defense secretary described him as "dangerous" and "incapable" of serving as president. The journalist even mentions that Trump denigrated the Armed Forces, since he was more interested in business, while he treated others as "idiots."

Another of the controversies in this work is about the intriguing relationship between him and the president of North Korea, Jim Jong Un. According to what La Nación highlights, the North Korean leader created several letters to forge a diplomatic relationship with the United States, where he addressed Trump as “his excellence”, in addition to different extremely flattering adjectives to foster their friendship.

All this occurs, as the Pauta website mentions, through 18 interviews that the president gave the journalist, which were prepared between December and July. Therefore, all the statements that can be observed in the work are official and granted with the endorsement of the president.

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Of course, all the controversies found in Rage don't end there. According to TogiBlog, the journalist expressed the discontent of the African-American community, for which he asked if Trump could understand the pain they felt. To his surprise, Trump told him that it was a "story", and that he did not feel empathy for what was happening in the country.

In political terms, we can also find references to the dangers of the nuclear system ... although they are seen as an achievement by Trump . As's website highlights that the US leader mentioned having built a nuclear weapons system "that no one has had in the country," although without providing more details about this revelation.

All the topics that are touched on in the book are really eye-opening, especially in this pre-election context. In other words, knowing more in depth the highest figure of the United States, with his secrets and his thoughts, makes the reader hate him even more. 

Therefore, and as the El Espectador website highlights, Rage is a book where topics such as racism and the coronavirus in the United States are enshrined. It is an interesting work to learn about the monitoring of the work carried out by the current presidency, managing to transfer all the agenda items through a pleasant conversation, although without having any type of filter.