Which are the countires where there is not coronavirus?

Despite the fact that we are experiencing a pandemic, there are some nations that, so far, have not reported infections.

Healthcare staff holding a coronavirus test

These are the countries that so far have not presented cases of coronavirus. / Photo: Freepik

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The coronavirus is present in almost every country on the planet. Such is the magnitude of the cases on a world scale that, as the Clarín media mentions, 8 thousand giant planes will be needed to take a hypothetical vaccine to all the places that need it, so it will represent a very interesting logistical challenge.

However, we emphasized the word "almost" to refer to Earth. This is so because, to date, there are some nations that have not yet reported cases. According to the specialized media El Diario del Viajero, there are ten countries that, so far, have not registered any cases. Let's see the situation of each one.

Marshall Islands

It is a place in South Australia, which has a peculiarity: radiation. According to the BBC website, it is seen as a place where radioactive levels "are higher than in Chernobyl and Fukushima." Despite this dangerous situation, there are still no active cases.


One of the most iconic places on this entire list. According to the specialized medium of Voy de Viaje, Palau is an island in the Pacific Oceania that is considered a "paradise", being an ideal tourist destination for diving.


It is the country with the least tourism in the world, in addition to being a country that, as revealed by the Vis a Vís Magazine, is a small state of Micronesia that “you will not want to visit”, since it is one of the most corrupt, contaminated and dangerous places across the planet, which, despite everything, does not report official cases of coronavirus.

Federation of Micronesia States

Actually, it groups the Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru and Micronesia, as well as three other territories dependent on the United States , such as the islands of Guam, Wake Island and the Northern Mariana Islands, being a beautiful tourist destination, which remains infectious until now.


The Semana Sostenible website highlights that it will be the first country to "disappear because of the climate", because the archipelagos are disappearing under the rising sea level. In addition, we are highlighting an overpopulated country in the middle of the Pacific that, in any case, does not register infections.


The Government of Tonga decided that, from March 12, all external borders be closed. That allowed there to be no contagion among its more than 100,000 inhabitants, so, according to what Cope indicates, they are "seriously" concerned about the pandemic and social distancing.

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A country very close to Tonga and Fiji, where the coronavirus has arrived. We are talking about a paradisiacal place in the waters of the South Pacific that has about 195,000 inhabitants, although so far no infections have been reported . Concern for the pandemic does not seem to exist in that area!

Cook islands

Another of the most emblematic cases on this entire list. It is an archipelago in which its prime minister, Henry Puna, made the decision to "protect the population", putting health before the economy, according to El País. Despite the fact that the archipelago does not register contagions, the main source of income, tourism, limited much of the local economy.


Here we have a tropical paradise that, according to the ABC website, is considered the “least visited country in the world”. Less than 2000 people visit the archipelago located in oceanic Polynesia, since it is a very poorly connected place, although ideal to rest, thanks to its picturesque landscapes.


Finally, we can mention this region located between the islands of Fiji and Australia, being an archipelago that became independent from the United Kingdom and France in 1980. The El Periódico website indicates that it is the "country of happiness", where there is no not a trace of stress ... or coronavirus.