Emmy winners and where to watch them

Here we tell you where to watch the most awarded series of this version of the Emmys.

Still from the series 'Schitt's Creek', 'Watchmen'

On September 20, the Emmy Awards were awarded and we will tell you which are the best productions. / Photos: YT / Pop TV, YT / HBO

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This past Sunday the Emmy awards were held. They celebrate the best productions for the small screen. This time they were held in a ceremony without an audience, which somewhat rarefied the awards but did not detract from the success of the winners. The host of the ceremony was Jimmy Kimmel, who, as always, made the winners laugh, because there was no one else to laugh out loud. As they were held virtually, many of the thank you speeches were from the home or dressing room of each of the winners, which, of course, did not detract from their elegance, as they all tried to look good in front of the cameras. Here we tell you which were the three most awarded series, what they are about and where you can see them.


Schitt's Creek

This Canadian series took seven of the nine awards in the categories that revolve around comedy. It is a Canadian sitcom in which a married couple is bankrupt and moves to a town called Schitt's Creek, which of course they detest and believe to be of a lower social level than theirs . This time it takes all the awards for which it was nominated. This is by no means a new series, as it succeeds in its sixth and final season. 

Where to see it? All six seasons are available on Movistar +



Succession is not new to the Emmys. Several statuettes have already been carried in the latest versions. This time it returns with five awards, among which are best series, best screenplay, best actress, best actor and best direction of a drama series. That's right, Succession is perhaps the most successful in the drama genre, even though it has so many laugh-producing moments. It is also about a family, in this case very rich and the owner of a media conglomerate, fighting over who will inherit what of the family assets.

Where to see it? its two seasons are on HBO +


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This was the third series to win more awards. Like Succession, Watchmen is not new to the Emmys, as it has also won awards on other occasions. This time it took most awards in the miniseries genre. This is the alternate version of Dave Gibbons' graphic novel that explores the theme of antiheroes. The HBO version makes the plot more complex and lengthens some narrative lines, which tends to annoy comic book fans but seemed to get excited this time due to the success of the series earlier this year. With this, HBO is once again the most awarded television station at the Emmy Awards and it is undoubtedly the one that covers the most ground, since it is on cable and streaming.

Where to see it? Watchmen is, of course, on HBO +