"Locked Up" But With the Soul Loose in Exquisite Stories

Katherine Hernández participates as the author of the story A Short Encounter of Two Twin Llamas, in an anthology of stories published by the ITA editorial.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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Everything in this life has a face and a stamp, its dark side and its light side and that is how humanity affected by COVID-19 has lived, and what has been derived from the arrival of this disease in our realities. To many, confinement has shown an unkind side of everyday life and to others, paradoxically, it has opened doors wide to unleash their creativity.

On the bright side of forced confinement is the gratifying literary experience that Katherine Hernández has had when, attending a call made last April by the ITA publishing house to be part of the anthology of short stories "Encerrados", she was encouraged to inspire her pen and what resulted was a fortunate narration that takes the reader to a story in which the main character faces the impossibility of being with that someone whom he loves intensely: “That person experiences deep love but feels that it is not reciprocated to the same extent ”.

The story in question, entitled a short encounter of two twin flames, was inspired –explains the author- precisely in the “legend of two twin flames according to which, before we are born we are a unit, but when we come into the world we divide ourselves into two beings with masculine and feminine identities. If, in life, these two people meet and manage to become a unit again, they will experience the most intense love that a human being can experience”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In an interview with The Woman Post, this 28-year-old writer invites readers to live with her, and with the other authors, narrative experiences inspired by the daily becoming that since March 2020 has forced us to be “locked in” and its influences on fictional characters that can resemble any reader who takes the book in their hands to appropriate its contents.


Hernández is a business administrator but has flirted with writing for as long as she can remember and has made her narrative vocation come true in poetry and unpublished stories.

The possibility of sharing stories escaped from her imagination was found in the anthology of stories "Encerrados" but soon she will go out again to seek the embrace of her readers in a second installment of the same editorial in which she includes the story "Between memory and the skin "whose leading role corresponds to a man who, once divorced, finds in his singleness the liberation of a toxic relationship. However, as time goes by, she experiences increasingly intense pain in one leg that forces her to rethink her life and re-evaluate the relationship she had with her partner”.

The theme of love is recurrent in the pages that make up the stories of Katherine Hernández and that is because, from her perspective, “this feeling is a language that transcends lives, languages ​​and genres. We have all experienced it, in her name we have made rational or irrational decisions”.

On the publisher's page ITABOOKS.com and through Amazon, interested parties can acquire the title “Encerrados”; the communication channel is her account on Instagram: @ kathering1809