Smile, an analysis of the album that emotionally revived Katy Perry

The American singer-songwriter released a new studio album that perfectly reflects her success in the world of pop.

Still from the video clip 'Smile' by Katy Perry

Katy Perry's latest album was released on August 28, while the singer gave birth to her daughter Daisy. / Photo: YT / Katy Perry

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When we talk about pop music, there is a name that immediately comes to our heads: Katy Perry. Recently, we learned that the singer, actress and businesswoman was a mother. According to what the La Nación website highlights, the artist showed what she looks like "days after the birth of her first daughter."

However, the really curious thing was that, prior to those days, she also had time to release a new album. According to Quien, the singer celebrated the premiere of her long-awaited album Smile, which came out while she was in the hospital giving birth. Let's see, then, what this new pop material brings.

Smile, an excellent work that appeals to optimism

First of all, we must emphasize that she is a rather eccentric celebrity, but that does not minimize her talent. To date, we saw that she had four albums signed as Katy Perry (one more if we add the recent release of Smile), in addition to another that she signed as Katy Hudson, her real name.

Well, many of her fans began to think how her new CD was going to be, since there were certain expectations about her songs. In this sense, the Marca medium highlighted that Katy Perry said goodbye to her "dark stage", thanks to the optimistic launch of Smile, which once again took her to the top of musical fame.

However, that does not mean that her current moment coincides with the time when she began to write her new work. As reported by El Intra América News, the artist revealed that she began to write her songs when "she fell into depression and anxiety", since her previous CD, Witness, implied a decline in her professional career.

Therefore, the whole story that the album tells is that of the feelings of fame, which can be both positive and negative. Marie Claire's medium mentioned that, after her last job in 2017, the artist allowed herself “to start a new part of her life”, challenging the pandemic and motherhood itself, with songs like Never Really Over, which mention the twists and turns in the relationship with actor Orlando Bloom.

According to the Telehit site, this new studio album has openly sentimental songs, which inform about a great present and future for women. In other words, we can appreciate Daisies, which matches the name of her newborn baby, showing that it is a new stage open to love and hope.

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In musical terms, it is a very careful album, as all of the artist's productions are characterized. In this field, it is not her most complete work, but it is one of the most even, since the focus seems to be on the singer's own life, which she reveals throughout her 12 songs.

The specialized website of Los 40 reports that it is a “more adult pop”, unpretentious, but knowing where it is going. We can appreciate some real gems, such as Cry About It Later, showing that the artist's sound keeps her essence. 

At the same time, the El País medium highlights that the Californian singer made a "casual dance album." That is, although melancholy is not emphasized too much, the party and dance notion is present here, along with lyrics that appeal to sentimentality. Therefore, this huge CD shows that love and hope allows for joy, even after difficult stages.