Why is an MBA so important in Latin America?

When it comes to thinking about a complementary training for undergraduates, different programs and initiatives for education arise.

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The 'MBA' seek to introduce students to the world of business. / Photo: Unsplash

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Even during quarantine, students remain an important part of our society. The El Blog Salmón website recently mentioned that “different low cost MBAs” are emerging, offering the possibility of an interesting study plan for those interested, although at a low price.

Especially in Latin America, it is an interesting option for online work, which is expanding more and more. For example, the América Economía MBA website mentions that the growth of online sales "accelerated the search for professionals in marketing, logistics operations and after sales" in Chile. Therefore, we decided to find out everything about MBA masters, fundamental for this type of work.

MBA education

Education is changing, something that is being seen in the need for new professional profiles in the job market. Despite the fact that university degrees are still highly valued, the reality, as the Los Andes website mentions, is that postgraduate degrees are sometimes necessary, since an academic degree can lose value as more content is outside the curriculum.

One of the most relevant options in recent times for the extension of studies at the postgraduate level is through the MBA. According to what the eMagister specialized media mentions, the acronyms correspond to Master of Business Administration. Originating from North American universities, they seek to insert students into business.

From the MasterMania website they also highlight that it is the "postgraduate program with the greatest international recognition and prestige" . In other words, it covers all those who already have a professional title who want to orient themselves towards business management, so that they can manage a prosperous establishment.

As we mentioned, the first business school on the planet was founded in the United States. It was the Wharton School of Business, created in 1881. Therefore, over time they were expanding throughout the planet, where the study plans had to be adapted to the new demands of the markets.

From the Master Malaga website they mention that there are several categories of MBA, although the most common in these times is that of online training. In other words, prior to the pandemic there were “full-time” and “part-time” functions, although now they are limited to the possibility that students enter platforms to take subjects at the time they consider most appropriate.

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As the study plans are intended to be useful for already graduated students (and who are presumed to be inserted in the labor market) this training appears as a complement that facilitates the possibility of working in a higher area. In other words, complementing previous university learning with a business perspective.

From the point of view of the Personal Finance website, they highlight that it is an excellent option to be able to start an enterprise, improve the previous degree, have better training based on business and leadership skills and even have a greater chance of getting job offers based on the skills of the markets. That is, if we know in depth how a company works, we can adapt to it ... and even create it.

Any professional seeking to be an executive will find in the Masters in Business Administration a study plan adapted to current demands. In other words, it will mean a before and after in professional careers. As they are something highly valued, it is also essential to know where to study, which is why, in Latin America, the Ámbito website mentions that Argentine MBAs "are the best valued in the region."

From the Cronista website they mention that the IAE Business School and the University of Palermo stood out in the specialized ranking of the QS Global MBA. As it is a paid training, it is designed for all those people who already have a job stability or the economic possibility of taking it.

Forbes media highlights that another of the best options in Latin America is at the EGADE Business School of Tec de Monterrey, followed by the INCAE Business School of Costa Rica. These are prestigious institutions, so the title, within the business environment, will tend to have greater relevance.

Especially in our region, it is a training that can be useful to accelerate business growth. That is, to understand what are the demands of the most useful sectors of the market and bring an innovative perspective, which allows us an economic return, but which is also useful to Latin American needs. Education enables change!