5 Unconventional Ways To Find New Real Estate Clients

Are you a real estate agent looking for new and interesting ways to grow your business? If so, then finding new clients is definitely the first step to take.

Madhusree Das

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Are you a real estate agent looking for new and interesting ways to grow your business? If so, then finding new clients is definitely the first step to take. After all, the more clients you have, the more your good reputation can grow and spread, and the more word-of-mouth referrals you can gain. To help you get started, we’ve put together some unconventional yet effective strategies that you can get started with straight away to start seeing the results that you want.

1. Establish Yourself as An Expert Online:

Today, most people who are looking to sell or buy property will start searching online in the first instance. And the more content that you have online, the more likely that your name is going to come up for people searching for real estate agents in your area. Producing high-quality content not only helps you improve your online reach but also boosts your reputation by showing off your expertise and demonstrating to potential clients that you know what you are talking about. Consider starting an informational business blog or a YouTube channel that will be helpful to both buyers and sellers looking for valuable advice. 

2. Search for New Clients in Neighborhoods You Like:

Perhaps you have a particular neighborhood that you like and want to focus your marketing efforts there. But in order to effectively sell homes in a particular neighborhood, it’s important to get a deep understanding of it so that you are able to sell much more than just the properties itself. Real estate agents who have a solid understanding and knowledge of the area in which they work not only attract more trust from clients but are also better at providing the right type of service and meeting client expectations. You can search for property ownership information on Nuwber to learn more about a certain neighborhood and the people who live there. 

3. Don’t Forget About Offline Advertising:

Today, the majority of advertising is done online and you might be forgiven for focusing heavily on social media ads, pay-per-click ads, and banner ads on relevant websites. But real estate is one industry where offline advertising still works well. It is often a good investment to purchase ad space on billboards and in local newspapers, or even getting stickers printed for your car so that you can advertise your services as you drive around. Advertise as much as you can to make sure that you catch the attention of local people looking to sell their properties. 

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4. Network Within the Industry:

You might view other real estate agents as your competitors but the truth is that networking with them alongside other professionals in real estate can help to propel your career forward. Make a point of connecting with other professionals in the field such as home inspectors, real estate attorneys, mortgage inspectors, and contractors who often work on renovating homes who might be able to connect you with potential clients who are in need of a real estate agent. 

5. Provide Extra Services:

Finally, one of the best ways to make yourself stand out in the market as the real estate agent to go for is to provide complimentary extra services like moving trucks for your clients. Everybody loves a good deal and if you can do anything to make your clients’ lives easier during a stressful house move, you’ll definitely be remembered for it.