Women's rugby returns at the end of October

The rugged 2020 closes with the European championship, the New Zealand World Cup qualifier and the Six Nations in the last quarter .

Women playing a rugby match

Some of the women's rugby matches are already scheduled, after the break due to the health emergency. / Photo: Wikimedia - Ghana Rugby

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The reality of Covid19 also affected the programming of rugby, a sport that has had to adapt in the last quarter of the year to complete three important competitions such as the 2020 European Championship, the continental qualifier for the New Zealand World Cup 2021 and the Six Nations Tournament.

In the female branch, some of the matches that are already defined for the second half of October are those of Spain, also known as "Las Leonas XV", which will host two matches of the European Championship versus Russia on the weekend of 24 and October 25 and later against the Netherlands in the same condition, on October 31 and November 1.

It should be remembered that this contest had already started before the pandemic and, in fact, it was inaugurated on March 7 with the duel between the Netherlands and Russia, at the National Rugby Centrum in Amsterdam and with a surprise victory for the former Soviets by 27-21. After that result, the Russians provisionally top the classification, while the Dutch are last, with Spain waiting to make their debut.


World Cup year is coming

On the near horizon is the qualifier for the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand, for which the dates of December 5, 12 and 19 have been established under the round robin format, or what is the same, 'a free for all'.

If Spain wins the crown in the continental tournament, an objective for which it is a favorite, then the protocol establishes that it will have to be measured in a quadrangular type contest -a four-to  against Scotland, Ireland and Italy, three members of the 6 Nations, and there it would be decided a World Cup seat with a direct ticket to the World Cup to be held in Oceania, which is the ninth edition of this competition held by the best women's rugby teams.

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It is important to clarify that the team that obtains the second place in this tournament will have a second qualifying opportunity in the world play-offs organized by World Rugby in 2021. In that sense, it has already been confirmed that the Italy versus Scotland match is the one that will open the European event the coming December 5 and 6.

The thrill of the Six Nations

The third major event scheduled for this end of the year is the Six Nations.  This tournament will be completed between October 24 and 31 according to the confirmation of the World Rugby Association, and reflected by As.com.

The competition has Ireland playing a pair of commitments against Italy and France, while the "azzurris" will have to fight against England at home. In addition, Wales will face Scotland.

As soon as the Six Nations ends, the international calendar will restart 15 days later with the matches between the Six Nations participants against Fiji Islands and Japan. As with all sports in all areas and categories, international rugby was postponed since last March due to the coronavirus pandemic.