Everything we know about the Matrix 4

The unexpected continuation of the story created by the Wachowski sisters could be really important for the future of cinema.

Frame from the movie 'Matrix'

This is what is known so far about the new installment of the Matrix saga. / Photo: YT / Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Matrix saga is one of the most iconic in cinema. The Xataka website classifies it as an "influential" film, which has become a science fiction classic and has constantly been part of the popular culture of society. Hence, after a trilogy, no one expected a continuation ... although it ended up being announced.

The last film, released in 2003, had some ups and downs in narrative terms. Therefore, taking into account how greatly received the first part was, there was always that "shame" of not knowing how to continue the story in a better way. That is why the announcement of Matrix 4, according to Forbes, marks the return of the original characters.

Recently, according to what the Tónica media reports, the actress Jessica Henwick, who will be in the film, declared that "the industry will change", something that she also achieved at first with the original 1999 installment. Given this scenario, we decided to find out everything that is known about Matrix 4.

What we know about Matrix 4

The first thing to keep in mind is that this fourth installment of one of the most iconic science-fiction sagas of all time pays tribute to the past. The website of What to See wonders if this fourth installment will be "just as bad as the sequels", in the sense that these productions of the Wachowski sisters disappointed compared to the original film.

However, the first news can excite fans. The first thing we know is that, as revealed by the Impulso Negocios website, the filming of Matrix 4 began in February of this year, in the Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco. Therefore, it would be logical that the "real" locations of the saga are located in the United States.

Of course, The Matrix is also a saga that is strongly associated with the Neo and Trinity characters. When they announced it, there was the fear that this couple was not within the production plans. However, the reality is that not only their appearance was confirmed, but also the role they will have in the story. 

Espinof's specialized medium mentioned that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss agreed to return to this franchise due to the script. Apparently,  it tells an impressive story that felt special to both of them. Knowing that the expectations for this return are high, it is clear that they would not return if it were not for a plot that is up to par.

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As for the plot itself, the actor revealed that it will be a "love story," according to the CinemasComics website. It should also be borne in mind that the plot could have the passage of time as its central axis, since the actor himself will appear with a different look from the one he had throughout the saga, closer to the long hair and beard of John Wick. 

There was even a theory regarding his character. According to Hypertextual, Keanu Reeves might not star as Neo, but rather a person who looks like him or an alternate version of the Chosen One. This would be an explanation for his reappearance after his death in the third film, after sacrificing himself to save humanity.

Unlike the previous installments, only Lana Wachowski will be involved in the direction and the script, discarding Lilly. Laurence Fishburne, also known as Morpheus,  will also be absent this time. Therefore, it will be necessary to see what the meaning of the disappearance of this character is.

Finally, we also have the official release date of this Warner Bros. movie. According to High Density, the COVID-19 pandemic generated a restructuring of the content grid. At first, it was thought that it would be delayed until April 1, 2022, but finally, the return of Neo and Trinity will occur on December 22, 2021. Will it live up to expectations?