Latin American productions you should see on Netflix

We present you an unmissable list of movies and series .

Still from the series 'Nobody knows I'm here'

These are some of the most popular Latin American productions on the platform. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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Both movies and television series have become one of the main sources of entertainment that we consume the most for some time. Regardless of which is the preferred option by the majority, one (almost) always ends with the satisfaction of having seen a spectacular production, with an unparalleled plot and an ending worthy of applause. It should be noted that in Latin America there is also a diversity of things to see, movies, and series that, despite not having so much marketing, end up captivating the viewer.

On this occasion, we present a list of Latin American productions that are in the Netflix catalog and that you cannot stop watching. Countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile have been in charge of creating works of art for the big screen, and even for the small one, to show that there is talent here too. That is why we will give you a hand with this selection of titles. Hit play !


Nobody knows I'm here (Chile, 2020)

The first Chilean original production for Netflix stars the actor Jorge García who plays Memo Garrido, an introverted man who lives with his uncle (Luis Gnecco) on a farm located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. The traumas of a past as a child singer led him to have a life away from the rest of society, feelings that he will begin to examine as a result of his nascent friendship with a young woman named Marta (Millaray Lobos).


Monkeys (Colombia, 2019)

Colombian director Alejandro Landes touches on one of the most sensitive issues in the country, the guerrillas. This film focuses on a group of teenagers who live badly between the mountains and the jungle while taking care of a hostage. However, problems begin to appear when "Patagrande" (Moisés Arias) assumes the command, whose form of leadership is more marked by his insecurities than by some notion of the common good.


I'm not here anymore (Mexico, 2019)

Fernando Frías de la Parra, a Mexican director, wanted to go further and sought out the actors of this film in the most humble neighborhoods of Monterrey. Although many of them did not have previous acting experience, people like Juan Daniel García -main actor- shone with their own light and masterfully. The film tells the story of Ulises, a young man from the Mexican suburbs who must escape to the United States due to drug violence. However, more than Mexican, Ulises feels kolombia, an identity that brings together fans of the Colombian cumbia in Monterrey.


Alelí (Uruguay, 2019)

In this film by Leticia Jorge, the complicity between siblings is portrayed with humor and tenderness, even when they disagree, with the conviction that a house is always more than four walls and a roof. In this comedy, the Mazzotti brothers, who have just lost their father, do not know what to do with their octogenarian mother or the house where they spent their childhood summers. If what you want is to laugh with your brothers for a while this is the best option, without a doubt.


Invisible (Argentina, 2018)

Addressing one of the most controversial issues in Latin America, director Pablo Giorgelli manages to convey the internal conflict that his protagonist is going through regarding abortion. Any given day Ely (Mora Arenillas) is divided between her high school classes, her job as a veterinarian and the bleak family life with her mother who suffers from depression. To all this is added the unwanted pregnancy that completely alters her life, plunging her into bewilderment and silent despair.



Dark Desire (Mexico, 2020)

Starring the famous actress Maite Perroni, this 18-episode Mexican series chronicles the life of Alma Solares, a 40-year-old lawyer and university professor who is married to Judge Leonardo Solares (Jorge Poza). His story begins with a brief and chaotic scene where the police detain a woman, in the middle of several ambulances. The rhythm of the series is slow, but marked by different and constant revelations. A key ingredient is added to this production of police mystery: eroticism.


El Marginal (Argentina, 2016)

One of the Argentine series that has caused the most impact since it was released in 2016 with its 13 episodes. From there, two more seasons with 8 chapters and the approval of a fourth for 2021 suggest that this story is headed for great things. What is it about? It tells the story of the Borges brothers, some criminals who, with knives in hand seized the power of a penitentiary. Beyond blood, corruption and influence peddling, this production shows the ingenious way of how they manage to raise large sums of money, despite being behind bars.


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Ingobernable (Mexico, 2017)

This fictional series talks about the life of the wife of Mexican President Diego Nava, Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo), and how this woman with a dominant, strong and intelligent personality took the reins of power alongside her husband to fight for peace and shake the National Palace of the country. Its first season premiered in 2017 with 15 episodes, while the second has 12.


Wild District (Colombia, 2018)

A Colombian series that will leave us breathless, just like most of its productions. The story revolves around a former guerrillero (Juan Pablo Raba) who arrives in Bogotá in search of a new beginning with his family, society and himself, but who, without realizing it, finds himself once again within a criminal network. However, the man struggles morally to decide which side he wants to be on. It has a total of 2 seasons and 20 episodes. A real gem!


The House of Flowers (Mexico, 2018)

Without a doubt, it is one of Netflix's quintessential Latin American series, and its 3 seasons with 35 episodes say it all. The argument? A story that revolves around several generations of the De la Mora family, which has achieved apparent success thanks to its prosperous flower shop. Although things seem to be idyllic, everything explodes when they find the corpse of Ernesto's lover, the father of the family. And it turns out that Ernesto had had a daughter with the now-deceased woman, so he decides to take her to live with the rest of his family. Lies and secrets will be the perfect ingredient for this unmissable production.