The best Latin American series and documentaries on HBO (part 1)

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Still from the series 'Mr. Ávila' and 'The Business'

Latin American series are gaining popularity on the streaming platform. / Photos: YT / HBOLatino

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Another popular platform that we can currently count on to enjoy movies, series and documentaries is HBO. Before the great boom that Latin American productions have had, they were also making great efforts to create this type of audiovisual material on Latin soil, in fact, until not long ago, Warnermedia announced that it would include 20 original productions from HBO Latin America in its catalog, this in order to "bring content produced in Latin America to the public around the world," as reported in their statement.

Countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile continue to be the pioneers in Latin America in terms of entertainment, and as the years go by they improve notably, having productions as compelling as those made on US soil. Next, we leave you a list of Latin American series and documentaries that you can enjoy on HBO. Don't miss any!

Mr. Ávila (Mexico)

We start with one of the most acclaimed series on HBO. Winner of the International Emmy in 2017 for Best Non-English Speaking Star Series, Mr. Ávila (Tony Dalton) tells the story of a seemingly normal middle-class man, but who hides a double life as a hitman for a criminal organization. Although his day-to-day life is not that different from anyone else's, building and maintaining that facade is not an easy task. Little by little the problems and responsibilities increase, transforming his life and that of his wife and son into a real nightmare.


Epitaphs (Argentina)

Suspense and drama will flood you in this great 2008 series. Detective Renzo Márquez (Julio Chávez) leaves the police force after several people are killed in a hostage-taking at a local school. However, five years later, a mutilated body appears which seems to indicate that it is related to the events that led to Renzo's retirement. It is from there when the hunt begins to capture a serial murderer who, through an epitaph with clues, announces who will be his next victim.


The Business (Brazil)

It is a four-season series filled with a lot of drama and a bit of comedy. Everything revolves around Karin (Rafaela Mandelli), Luna (Juliana Schalch) and Magali (Michelle Batista), three beautiful girls who are escorts and come up with the idea of revolutionizing their profession using marketing strategies. Will they really be ready to become true businesswomen? Find out!


Cappadocia (Mexico)

One of HBO's quintessential series. Winner of three International Emmy Awards, it premiered in 2007 and has three seasons. The story centers on an old women's prison in Mexico City that has collapsed and where there is a conflict of interests between Teresa Lagos (Dolores Heredia) and Federico Márquez (Juan Manuel Bernal) to implement their personal projects. Likewise, within the enclosure, the story of three inmates converges La Bambi (Cecilia Suárez), La Colombiana (Cristina Umaña) and Lorena Guerra (Ana de la Reguera). 


Fugitives (Chile)

The launch of this series in Chile placed it in the first place of the audience thanks to its effective advertising campaign. Released in 2011 and with two incredible seasons, Prófugos tells the story of four men who are recruited by a powerful Chilean drug cartel to transport a shipment of cocaine from Bolivia to Chile. However, the operation turns out to be an ambush and they end up becoming fugitives, without knowing who they are escaping from.


Pico de Neblina (Brazil)

The Brazilian government finally legalizes marijuana for recreational use, however, Biriba (Luis Navarro) has to face a dilemma: go legal or continue in the world of crime. The young trafficker has his partner Vini (Daniel Furlan), an expert in the field, and with him, he will have to deal with the weight and pressures of his past and the many traps of the business world. This 2019 series has 10 amazing episodes. 


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Dios Inc. (Mexico)

Is it true that God also has a price? This original production of HBO Latin America was recorded in Mexico and has 12 episodes. It tells the story of Salvador Pereyra (Rafael Sánchez Navarro), a man who discovered a dangerous and important secret: the tomb of Marduk, the creator of the concept of God. However, after his trip to the Middle East, he returns to Mexico to discover that his great find has been plagiarized and his family believes him dead.


Foreign Wars (Colombia)

As is to be expected, Colombia continues to give us shocking productions on what is experienced with drug violence. This documentary talks about the consequences of the war on drugs and one of its main tools: aerial fumigation. Directed by filmmaker Carlos Moreno, this is the first 100% Colombian production for HBO, released in 2016.


The Mesmer (Brazil)

With two seasons of 8 chapters each, this series tells the story of Arenas (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a hypnotist who is dedicated to putting people to sleep and unearthing their lost memories. His arrival at the Las Violetas hotel awakens fears and mysteries since he is a person who lives haunted by his painful memories and who cannot sleep. In fact, his insomnia is due to another hypnotist, Derek (Chico Díaz), whom he will have to face in an arduous fight in order to regain sleep. A haunting and fabulous plot.