Bryson DeChambeau the controversial golfer who revolutionizes the sport

This odd American golfer draws criticism for his unconventional playing style .

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau turns out to be such a strange golfer to fans of the sport. / Photo: IG / brysondechambeau

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When asked about golf, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For sure, an image of a more relaxed sport, sometimes even boring, to which the elderly and people who are about to retire are dedicated. Those who know a little more about the sport may recognize the above as a stereotype, but still think that golf is a sport more of skill and dexterity than physical prowess, more akin to archery than weightlifting.

It is for this reason that Bryson DeChambeau turns out to be such a strange golfer to fans of the sport. The fact that he looks more like a bodybuilder than a golfer aside, his commitment to his fitness is impressive for someone who is into golf. And it is that according to ESPN, DeChambeau gained 20 pounds during the 3-month break caused by COVID, going from weighing 195 last year to 235. His justification is that a greater muscle mass allows him to hit the ball with more force and This is evident in the results, as he currently leads the PGA Tour in the longest driving distance with 328.3 yards.

But this is not the only way that DeChambeau differs from the rest. He has earned the nickname "The Scientist" for the analytical and physics-based manner in which he deals with the game. It is said to take into account all kinds of information, from barometric pressure to the topography of the holes it plays. Some argue, however, that this information is superfluous and that DeChambeau only wants to add to the "mysticism" of his person. It is difficult to know, but what is certain is that the American has had an interest in science from a very young age, even rewriting a physics book at school to "save money" for his parents.

On the other hand, one facet that indisputably stands out about his game is that all of Dechambeau's clubs are the same length, allowing him to swing more consistently. This is an uncommon habit among golfers but one that he says he has had since he was 17 years old.

The truth is that, although it attracts criticism, its results are indisputable. The Official World Golf Ranking has him as the No. 7 player worldwide and this year in particular he has achieved impressive results, such as No. 5 in the US OPEN. Sports stars who break with tradition are always criticized, but the truth is that they frequently elevate their sports and their competitors to another level, innovating new strategies and training regimens.

How far will Bryson DeChambeau golf take? Only the time and of course the results that it is able to obtain, will tell.

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