Christmas Carol memes

Tired of listening to the same Christmas carols over and over? If its omnipresence makes you start to feel more like a Grinch, we invite you to laugh with these memes.

LatinAmerican Post | Ricardo Avella

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We officially have began the Christmas season and with it come many beautiful traditions, none of them as present as Christmas carols. You find them in the neighborhoods and in all the shopping centers and in every radio station. Let's be honest: we have two weeks of songs waiting for Santa, so let's have patience and enjoy.

That's why today we get on the Xmas Express and laugh a little at carol lovers with these memes, share them with your friends and let the Christmas season begin.


If I have to listen to another Carol at the mall, I'll be this meme lead next year

My neighbour's lights al ready have at stage 4

Not me, and you?

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Even Ned Stark warns us of what is to come

Let him sing

Give me a copuple of days and I'll be that guy

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