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Are you looking for a video game where the narrative predominates? These are some of the best adventure game titles of all time.

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This October marked the 30th anniversary of Monkey Island, one of the best video games of all time. This game marked a warked a watershed in the gamer world, by presenting us with a narrative change to what we already knew.

It was a pioneering game in the industry, showing that there are players who are not too interested in challenges in terms of gameplay but prefer to be more oriented towards the development of a complex story. It is a formula that did not remain only in that case but also expanded and perfected immensely.

We see this in the huge number of titles released and announced in this particular genre. For example, in August this year Tell me Why was launched, the new project from the creators of Life Is Strange, another of the most important games of this type. Here are some of the best adventure game titles in history.

Blade runner

One of the most iconic and one that set an era. In this case, we are located in November 2019 in Los Angeles. It is based on the film by Ridley Scott, where science fiction is excellently worked for a 1997 game.

Due to the success of this first version, it was decided to do a remastering for this year with improvements in terms of quality that will allow current gamers to discover this iconic replicant plot in the cinema.

Life is Strange

We had already mentioned it previously because it is one of the most interesting games of the time. From IGN they argue that this 2015 title is a work that "invites us to reflect", knowing how to deeply mark a unique concept through its own identity.

This adventure, developed over 5 episodes, also has some interactive touches. The story introduces us to a protagonist, known as Max, who realizes that she has the power to go back in time and change the actions performed. In addition, it had its sequel in 2018, so, if you were interested, you can also play it.

The walking dead

Perhaps one of the best adventure games of all time. Throughout its 4 seasons, it gave us a new perspective on the universe that created the AMC series, where the decisions we make greatly influence the course of history.

Generation Xbox define it as a saga "that captivated us all", since we will be present in a post-apocalyptic world, where the characters must do the necessary to survive, but also not to lose the little humanity that remains, establishing relationships with others. Ideal if you want to get emotional to tears!

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This saga of four video games was released in 2012. The story introduces us to Rufus, a character with whom you will not connect immediately because he has some negative traits: he is a liar, selfish, and naive.

However, it is precisely his antihero personality that allows us to become fond of him as time goes by. Therefore, we are present on a planet full of junk, where we will try to leave the place, having to perform different “missions” and connecting with other human beings.

Heavy rain

Finally, a 2010 title that, unlike the previous ones, ventures into the world of a thriller. From La Opinion de Murcia they argue that it is a "tremendously fierce and emotional" video game, offering a unique experience with a refreshing concept.

It is a playable movie, where we become a simple spectator of events, which will have more than one unexpected turn. Therefore, in this drama story, we will handle different characters to find out the Origami Killer, who kills 10-year-old children.

All these games show that we don't always have to perform different feats in terms of playability. On the contrary, sometimes we just want to take advantage of these resources to tell us a good story, where we lead the strings by making decisions or simply observing what happens.


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