Best covers that surpassed the original songs

Sometimes tributes by different artists to old songs can improve them.

Still from the video clip 'I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston'

Some artists have covered famous songs, and they have turned out to be even more successful than the originals. / Photo: YT-Whitney Houston

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Iconic themes can be made even better by great performances. Recently, we saw that the Sport website highlighted that Miley Cyrus "conquered the whole world" thanks to a cover of Zombie, by The Cranberries , which managed to give a new perspective to what is already known.

It was a risky move because you will always try to compare it with the original version, something that does not always end up going well. Therefore, we decided to find out cases where the later covers or adaptations outperformed the original versions of the songs.

Twist and Shout (The Isley Brothers - The Beatles)

Here we have a song recorded in 1962 by The Isley Brothers , although it would later become popular in 1964 by the British band The Beatles. From Aloha Criticón they clarify that it is not an original song by The Beatles, but they decided to produce a version of this song that they liked.

Such is the success of this song that the version of The Beatles was iconically used as the opening of Showmatch , the most successful television program in Argentine history , being a classic that continues to be played by its cabal, according to TN. However, not everyone knew its original version.

I'm a Believer (Neil Diamond - The Monkees - Smash Mouth)

Here we have an atypical case, since there were two interpretations achieved greater success over time.

Initially, I'm a Believer was composed by Neil Diamond , which was featured on his 1967 album Just for You .

However, the album was released long after the performance by The Monkees , released in late 1966, where they achieved enormous popularity.

Despite this, from Smash Mout they decided to do a remake in 2001, which we recognize for appearing in the iconic animated film Shrek , which makes us want to move immediately.

It's My Life (Talk Talk - No Doubt)

The English band Talk Talk released this song in 1985, although without much success. The song lacked interesting rhythm and power, though that didn't mean there wasn't potential to explore.

This was immediately seen by No Doubt , the band led by the singer Gwen Stefani, who in 2003 gave it a new value through an instrumental intensity that was complemented by the great voice of the artist.

Señor Cobranza (Las Manos de Filippi - La Bersuit Vergarabat)

A Latin American political anthem . It was a protest song produced by Las Manos de Filippi, published on the 1998 album " Arriba las manos, es el Estado" , without much popularity or musical innovations, although with incredibly strong lyrics.

Such was the intensity of this letter that it tried to be censored by COMFER, an Argentine organization on audiovisual communication, according to La Nación. The controversy did not end there, since this happened with the popularized adaptation of the song, by La Bersuit Vergarabat in their album Libertinaje of that same year, where the band that created the song ceded the rights to the producer of La Bersuit, Universal Music, in exchange for producing the aforementioned album.

American Woman (Guess Who - Lenny Kravitz)

We all know it ... but not necessarily in its original version. This was in charge of the Canadian rock band, The Guess Who, released on their self-titled album in 1970, which allowed them quite a significant success.

However, in the 5 th album of the American singer Lenny Kravitz , from 1999, he managed to bring this artist to success, as revealed by the Plásticos y Decibelios website, through a very intense and characteristic rock.

I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton - Whitney Houston)

Finally, we have a song that, at first, was recorded by the American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton , in 1973, achieving notable international success thanks to how rich this song was in vocal terms.

However, the 1992 version of Whitney Houston achieved even greater success. From Show News they comment that it was an interpretation of the most beautiful and successful songs of all time, which made even the other version that was great to be forgotten a bit.

Therefore, we see that there are sometimes interpretations of already released songs that can become even more complex, interesting and popular than the original versions.

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