Epic! 3 historical comebacks in Copa Libertadores

The game does not end until the "fat lady sings" and these teams had it clear to win after being down on the scoreboard

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These are some of the matches with historic comebacks in the Copa Libertadores. / Photo: Pixabay

Latin American Post | Juan Manuel Bacallado Gómez

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If the Copa Conmebol Libertadores offers something, it is controversial matches and, sometimes, miracles only how South American football knows. The most notorious feature of football (soccer) in this region is: players do not stop fighting for victory, no matter that this means starting with the scoreboard against and having to try harder.

There are famous football comebacks in the old continent such as "the miracle of Istanbul", when Liverpool recovered from a 0-3 in the Final of the Champions League in 2005 and later won it on penalties; or Sergio Ramos' goal during the discount time to tie the final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid that would allow the merengues to win the UEFA CL in extra time. However, this time we stayed in the heat of South America to remember 3 great comebacks in the maximum club tournament in the region: Copa Libertadores.

Lanús - River Plate

In 2017, the Copa brought together two Argentine teams to play the semifinals, a key that was preceded by 2 comebacks . River Plate came from a 3-0 defeat in the first leg against the Bolivian club Jorge Wilstermann and then won at home 8-0; while Lanús came from suffering against San Lorenzo after losing 2-0 in the first match and tied the overall score with 2-0 in the return leg to win on penalties, so both came from sweating excessively.

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The first game between the two would end with a 1-0 in favor of River, in the secong match the "millonarios" club would make it more difficult for Lanús, scoring two goals in the first 25 minutes, increasing the global scoreboard with a 3-0 in favor. Lanús would not stay there and score a dressing room goal to go mid-time with hope and it loos like that it was enough, since the "granate" scored another three goals in the second half to end up winning 4-2 and advancing to the final of the Copa Libertadores leaving back the read and white team .

Universidad de Chile - Deportivo Quito

In 2015 two of the biggest clubs of Chile and Ecuador faced each other in the round of 16. The first leg would end with a long result by the Ecuadorians that would thrash 4-1 in Quito. However, Universidad de Chile would count on the support of its optimistic fans for a return match in which a miracle had to happen. At 21 minutes the Chileans would score the first goal, which left 45 thousand euphoric and attentive fans. By minute 35, the result was already 3-0 which gave the classification to the sothern team, but it would not stop there, since the score would continue to increase to the point that the match would be sentenced by the referee with a final 6-0 which allowed the Chileans to acces the quarterfinals.

Flamengo - River Plate

The most recent comeback of all and with the greatest importance on the list, since this time it was the first single-match final to be played in the 60-year history of the Copa Libertadores . The game was played at the Monumental de Lima in Peru on November 23, 2019. The scoring opened early after a goal by River at minute 14, from then on the game was slow and with few chances for both clubs, so that everything pointed to the Argentines taking their second consecutive Cup. But it had to wait until minute 89 for Flamengo to uncover his scoring nose and score the tie. Just two minutes later, and already in injury time, the Brazilians score the second to come back and win the Cup after 38 years without winning it , which will remain as a historic final for the tournament.