The most important sports news of the first week of the year

Start the year informed about everything that happened in the world of sports .

Colin Bell and Mesut Özil

These are some of the most relevant sports news of this week. / Photos: Wikimedia-Bert Verhoeff, TW-MesutOzil1088

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Golf returns with a very unusual tournament

This is the Sentry Tournament of Champions, which began on January 7, which normally only allows the participation of golfers who have won a tournament in the immediately previous year. On this occasion, the Sentry allowed the participation of those who were in the top 30 in the rating table of the FedEx Cup. With this, the Tournament of Champions has a total roster of 42 players, the most in its history. It should be noted that it is a reloaded tournament, with 8 of the 10 best golfers in the world participating.


Manchester City legend Colin Bell dies

One of the first sports legend to die this year was Manchester City's legendary midfielder, Colin Bell. The Englishman is considered one of the best players in City history and during his career, he won an FA Cup and a League Cup. He also scored 117 goals in 394 official appearances.


More cases of coronavirus in soccer

This week the cases of coronavirus became more numerous in the European leagues. Among the most important names are Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (Juventus winger), Scott Carson (Manchester City goalkeeper), Cole Palmer (Manchester City midfielder) and Álvaro Tejero (Real Zaragoza). Alex Morgan from the United States also confirmed that she and her family contracted the virus.


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Mezut Özil to the Turkish Super League

The legendary Arsenal midfielder is finally saying goodbye, after many years, to the team that made him great. Özil will move to Istanbul, where he will play for local team Fenerbahce. The change has been necessary for a long time because Özil has not been playing at the same level as before for several years. We wish him the best in this new adventure.


NBA stars speak out (again) against police violence

This time the case that moved the hearts of the basketball players was the lack of charges against the police officers who shot Jacob Blake, a black man, seven times in the back. Lebron commented that the lack of justice in this case "was a blow to the heart and stomach." The NBA continues its efforts to support social justice and the causes of the black community even during the pandemic.