Chaos in Washington and a new “richest man in the world”

News in the United States and Venezuela made the front pages of the week .

United States Capitol and Elon Musk

These are the most relevant news of this week. / Photos: Pixabay, Flickr-Steve Jurvetson

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Chaos in Washington and confirmation of Biden

Perhaps the most relevant news of the whole week was the irruption of thousands of followers of President Donald Trump to Congress in the middle of the session that sought to confirm Joe Biden as president of the United States.

However, after resuming the session and despite the chaos, Trump's strategies and the obstacles of a few Republican congressmen, Congress certified the presidential votes that gave the Democrat victory. This, with the approval of Vice President Mike Pence, who disobeyed his boss and was inclined to recognize the triumph of his opponent (triumph approved by judges, prosecutors, states and governors). The invasion left at least 5 people dead, including a police officer.

Democrats equalize the Senate and win it by default

Also related to North American politics, the state of Georgia distributed its last 2 seats for the United States Senate. Both were left to Democrats Rapahel Warnoc (the state's first black congressman) and John Ossoff, leaving each party with 50 seats in the upper house. However, this tie gives a victory to the donkey party, since at the time of voting and there is a tie, according to the constitution, Vice President Kamala Harris will give the last vote.

This leaves Biden in full control of Congress and free to pass Democratic measures for the next 2 years (while there are new congressional elections). Additionally, it will also allow Democrats to elect the next Supreme Court justices without the need for Republican support.

But it is also important to note that given the slight Democratic advantage, it is possible that on controversial issues, rebel senators move the balance to either side.

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European Union removes recognition from Guaidó

A new blow was received by the Venezuelan opponent, Juan Guaidó, with the decision of the European Union to stop recognizing him as interim president of his country, over Nicolás Maduro.

This happened just after Chavismo regained control of the National Assembly after elections that the European Union itself does not know about the results. Now that Guaidó does not hold the position of president of the Assembly, the international organization decided to continue supporting him, but without recognizing him as de facto president of the country.

Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet

Despite going through an economic crisis due to the pandemic, several billionaires saw their fortunes increase. One of them is the creator of the electric car brand Tesla, Elon Musk. Precisely, this week the shares of his company soared and allowed him to surpass the one who at that time held the first place in fortune since 2017, Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon). The also owner of SpaceX has an approximate fortune of 188,500 million dollars.


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