Trump faces new impeachment and Maduro wants to eliminate cash

The most important political and economic news of this week .

Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro

These are the most relevant political news of the week. / Photos: Reuters

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Donald Trump: first president in history to face 2 impeachments

Donald Trump will leave his mark in the history of the United States, not only for being the Republican with the highest votes, for turning his party into a cult of his personality or for many other reasons, he is also the first of 45 presidents to face impeachment twice. 

The House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats approved, again, an impeachment process to the outgoing president for the protests and invasion of the capitol by his followers on the day that Joe Biden's victory was confirmed.

The process will now go to the Senate but will not be voted on during this administration, so it will have to be debated in a completely divided 50-50 Senate. For the trial to go through, 2-thirds of the Senate must vote in favor, which means convincing 17 Republicans. If successful, Trump could be banned from running for the next election in 2024.

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Trump previously faced impeachment for apparently illegally pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of the then-Democratic candidate. Due to the Republican majority that controlled the Senate, the process was not completed. 

Venezuela bets on monetary digitalization

Struck by the highest inflation in modern history, the government of Nicolás Maduro launched a new strategy to bring the much-desired monetary stability: digitalization. Both Maduro himself and his vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, announced that the Caribbean nation will completely eliminate cash transactions and digitalize everything.

This strategy, hitherto unprecedented in history, comes in a context of chronic cash shortage, with a moderately dollarized economy and with almost all local currency transactions carried out through digital means.

Latin America: Difficulties in vaccination

Vaccination against Covid-19 in the region is progressing at a snail's pace and with several setbacks. Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico advance in their vaccination programs. The North American country hopes to finish the immunization of medical personnel this month and begin elderly vaccination in february. For its part, Argentina has applied more than 160,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine. However, Colombia and Ecuador have not yet been able to start their vaccination programs due to the lack of vaccines in the global market.

Indeed, Ecuador confirmed its first positive case of the British Strain. The patient arrived in the country from London on December 12 with a negative PCR test. He and 14 people in his family circle are being monitored.

Colombian, Biden's new adviser for the Western Hemisphere

Juan Sebastián González was appointed by the president-elect as his advisor to the United States National Security Council. The Colombian, raised in New York, will be in charge of guiding the new administration on Latin American issues.


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